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Last updated May 2018.

A Video of Interest is a terse yet rich video equivalent of a Cover Letter or Letter of Interest.

Please create a 4-5 minute video introduction of yourself and your interest in applying for the OSE immersion training and Fellowship. This is only for the 5-week program starting late August. If you are interested in the 1 week OSE Boot Camp - please go to Open Source Microfactory Boot Camp. Please review the OSE Crash Course before responding, and then tell us:

  1. Your name and where you are located
  2. Are you available for the full onsite duration between August 25 - September 31, 2018?
  3. Will you need financial assistance?
  4. Why you are interested in the OSE Immersion program?
  5. How do the goals of Open Source Ecology align with your interests?
  6. Specific qualifications and skills relevant to pursing the OSE Fellowship?
  7. What are your near term and long term professional goals?
  8. What your ideal day in your life would like if you were to work with OSE?
  9. What your ideal day would like like if you were to do something other than the OSE Fellowship?
  10. Do you think that there is knowledge out there that should not be open source?
  11. Any other insight or feedback that you'd like to share?

Upload this video to a video-sharing site such as YouTube, and send a link to this video in your application

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