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  • Pareto principle - 20% of goods get 80% of sales. Thus, reduce product line to the essential. [1]
  • To address diversity, OSE uses a Construction Set Approach of using modules to allow for an unlimited diversity of products

Turning Consumers into Producers of Abundance

  • Example - OS Headphones - Products improve with lifetime. Buy headphone, with offer that you get a free upgrade - if you design a valuable, marketable upgrade. The upgrade must be substantial, but it can also be cosmetic, such as adding a really cool design feature. You get a freeCAD lesson for free online, and submit design to the wiki, and if accepted - we will ship you an upgrade for free. The only requirement is that it must be a complete and technically accurate design in FreeCAD, with complete BOM. See How to Create a BOM. It must be reasonable and cost effective - such as - your upgrade can't be something like to line the product with gold and ship it back to you - unless your upgrade includes extracting gold from a common, widely-accessible source.
  • Have customers produce parts for the ecosystem - starting with D3D Universal

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