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CEB Press
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You can insert a box like the one above by typing: {{ToolTemplate|ToolName=CEB Press}}

This can be used for any of the tools; just insert the name of the tool in place of 'CEB Press' and the software will generate the rest of it based on this.

This template generates links to the following pages. All information on the tools should be put on the wiki under the following standard page titles:

  • ToolName Intro. This should assume the reader has no prior knowledge and explain -
  1. What the machine does. The very first sentence of the Intro page should be a one sentence description of the machine in plain English. e.g. "The Liberator is a machine that makes building blocks out of soil", "RepRap is a 3D printer; it can make plastic objects of any chosen shape."
    1. Problem Statement. Explain the advantages of this sort of technology. Why did we want to build it? What issue the tool is aiming to address e.g. "building a low-cost, high performance CEB press at $3k in materials, where the competition charges $45k for the finished product, to increase access to this environmentally-friendly, low-cost, and high performance building method"
  2. Design Rationale
    1. Give a simplified description of how it works. This should usually include a conceptual diagram and/or a conceptual video. (A more detailed description will be given in the Build Instructions, but if the reader gets an entry-level description here, it will be easier to understand the more detailed description later.)
    2. explain design choices that were made based on OSE Specifications
  3. Video and/or photos of the machine in action, plus other interesting footage directly from the project
  4. Product Ecology - how the tool fits with the other tools of the GVCS; see Product Ecologies
  5. Specifications, displayed alongside specifications for a similar commercial machine
  6. Costs, displayed alongside costs for a similar commercial machine. Include maintenance and running costs where applicable
  • ToolName Development. We need to figure out a system of version control. Possibly a graphic indicating prototype number, a chart or number showing the stage of the GVCS Development Template. Maybe display this as a progress bar like the Lasersaur open development site. When a tool is in an development stage, this page should be updated frequently and kept up-to-date.
      • progress report
      • list of unanswered questions
      • current tasks
    • funding situation
    • expected date of completion
  • ToolName Build Instructions.
    • Instructional Video (A to Z on the fabrication)
    • Instructional text and photos (A to Z on the fabrication). This is the same information as in the video, but some people might prefer step-by-step photos (for example, in developing countries where they don't have the bandwidth to stream video)
    • Augmented Reality instructional material - this is not a necessity, but it is the next generation level of documentation which would allow for rapid teaching of fabrication
    • 3D model and CAD file
    • 2D fabrication drawings (metal)
    • 2d Exploded Part Diagram
    • Machine-readable CAM files
    • Circuit design file to build circuit boards, wiring diagram
    • Computer Software Control Code for Automated Devices
    • Hydraulic Circuit Diagram
    • Calculations (for scaling purposes)
  • ToolName user's manual.
    • Why it works (the physics)
    • Operation Procedures
    • Safety
    • Maintenance
    • Repair
    • Troubleshooting
  • ToolName Bill of Materials. Weblinks to suggested sources. Prices.
  • Buy ToolName. This will raise funds for OSE. We can sell both kits and finished devices. This should be used only for tools with Full Product Release status.
*ToolNameicon.jpg - icons from Isaiah on blue background like the one to the right. Entire set will be put up at the Product Ecologies page. Make sure to upload icons as files with names of the format "ToolNameicon.jpg". It won't work if you name it something else, like "ToolName Icon.jpg", "Icon for ToolName.jpg" etc.