Production Engineering Data Protocol

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Production engineering includes all details on how something is built. This means data on production times, techniques, tools, settings, and more.

How to document production data? It is useful to include production data along with production files on this wiki. Thus, for example, it makes sense to include production time and settings right with a 3D print file, such as the data included right on the file page, File:Bentpanel v1904.stl.

The wiki thus allows us to include exhaustive build documents. The key is using a logical system for organization. Production data right on the same page as a print file, which in turn can be found at the Part Library for a given product - is a logical form of organization. Product managers can follow such organization, and evolve this organization with time, consistent with OSE Specifications.

Standard Profile vs Custom Profile

Standard profiles should be use in a generic case. However, when printing any specific file, there may - and should be - a custom profile - optimized for a specific print job. The custom profile may also account for ambient conditions, though with a heated build chamber, that may be less of an issue.

Distributed Production Engineering

To begin with - distributed production engineering requires identical printers in many locations around the world. That means that everyone in various locations must use the same printer version for the results to be the same.

The custom profiles apply after one assures that they are working with the same printer version in the first place.