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HintLightbulb.png Hint: How it works: Part libraries are specifically created for FreeCAD to allow broad open source collaboration on open source product design according to Collaborative Literacy.


The Part Library is OSE's repository of 3D CAD files. They are organized as galleries of pictures with download links beneath them (see examples below).

These should be posted as individual CAD files for all the parts, modules, and full machines. Only approved OSE Developers have commit privileges to the Part Library. During the design process, the Process Manager handles requests to pull new files into the Part Library.

See LifeTrac Construction Set#Modules for background to this work.

Construction Set Modules

These are the different sub-construction sets based on topical areas of the GVCS, as opposed to one of the 50 GVCS machines.


  • The 50 GVCS machines are further broken into about 500 different key modules or parts. Many of these modules overlap between different machines.

Part Libraries

These are part libraries organized around machines or groups of machines.


More Machines

Other Construction Set Style Machines that were built:

Other Machines, Not Built

Other Construction Set Style Machines, not built:

Part Primitives

These are typically off-shelf parts.

  • 2020 aluminum extrusion -[2]

Plumbing Fittings

  • 3" PVC elbow - [4]