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Proposed organizational structure:

See initial post corresponding blog post. This line/staff strategy is diversifying as of April 8, 2012 to a strategy of lower reliance on 'career professionals' and higher reliance for those with 'skin in the game' - those who share development risk as on-the-ground developers at volunteer pay with stipend. We are currently willing to privide a $2k/month stipend to Project Managers, while a Project Director would be between $2-5k/month depending on fit to the program.

Job Description - Intro

The Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) is a modular, DIY, low-cost, high-performance platform that allows for the easy fabrication of the 50 different Industrial Machines that it takes to build a small, sustainable civilization with modern comforts. The GVCS is a project of Open Source Ecology (OSE). The goal of OSE is to create an open source economy - an economy that optimizes both production and distribution - while providing environmental regeneration and social justice.

See OSE Enterprise Plan:

Our first step is deployment of the 50 GVCS tools by year end 2012. Our second step is determining whether such a tool set can produce a modern standard of living for a community of Dunbar's number in size – using autochthonous technology. Such a model community would require 2 hours of work per day - facilitating the pursuit of higher purpose in its populace - towards the solution of pressing world issues. The approach revolves around eliminating artificial material scarcity - as a prerequisite for providing people with the type of autonomy that allows the pursuit of mastery, consistent with higher purpose - or Civilization 2.0.

We are a global network of entrepreneurs, engineers, builders, farmers, and supporters. We see that the key to economic democracy lies in distributed productive potential, spread throughout the populace. Our tactical platform revolves around developing an open source product development pipeline – with economic significance that produces distributive enterprise. Key participants in the OSE experiment are an on-site development team at Factor e Farm, OSE's global headquarters. The Factor e Team is expected to grow to 12 full time, executive developers by year-end 2012. These developers are supported by hundreds of remote collaborators, True Fans, and other supporters who contribute to: our wiki, product design, fabrication, testing, documentation, organizational development. and replication of our technology for private use and for enterprise startup. 

Our current challenge is building a team. This team includes executive capacity that blends the power of a learning organization with the paradigm of Open.

We are currently prioritizing the search for a Projects Director (see initial blog post) and Executive Director.

Job Description

The Projects Director job description is:

  1. Technical Recruiter - Recruits Project Managers
    1. Maintains recruiting record at Teams/XM_Project_Page_Prototype_Recruiting
    2. Collaborates with Extreme Recruiting team
  2. Oversees Project Leaders (or Project Team if the Project Leader is not yet recruited) in development of each of the 50 GVCS technologies
  3. Oversees creation of and compliance with development procedures, strategies, and policies with assistance of the Project Leaders, approved by ED. This is an emergent process as we develop the methodology.
  4. Develops overall development procedure leading to the open source development pipeline
  5. Collaborates with ED on defining product specifications/design rationales for each technology. This sets the pathway for how a product is designed in essence congruent with OSE Specifications
  6. Oversees development of documentation procedures and quality controls such as logging, blogging, and vlogging of progress on an ongoing basis .The aim of this transparency is to be able to involve a global development effort
  7. Identifies and manages an enterprise-level project management suite in collaboration with ED
  8. Recruits subject matter expertise to each project. This is a formal, directed effort of search through strategic recruiting channels. This assists Project #Leaders in completing their projects (see below).
  9. Reviews budgets from Project Leaders, and submits to ED for approval on an ongoing basis.
  10. Makes on-site visits to collaborators as needed.
  11. Keeps a daily log on the wiki. Collaborates with Factor e Farm Documenter in preparing a weekly update vlog/blog.
  12. Communicates assessment of projects and recovery plans in a weekly meeting with Executive Director, or as often as needed.
  13. Responsible for supervising staff who support the overall development process.

The Projects Director is responsible for ensuring that Project Leader fulfills duties.

Organizational Mapping