FeF Prototyping Schedule 2013

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For general status - see OSE Status Brief


Product Lead, Documentation Manager, Tech Community Manager, Ops Manager are all recruited by April 1 - on board by June 17, 2013. June 17 - first meeting with Marcin, Katie, Audrey, Gary, and Rob on board full time. As people are getting on-boarded, the 6 in 60 Campaign is ongoing. See 6 in 60 Milestones for assessment of achievable goals.

Second half of 2013


As we finish the 6 in 60 Campaign, we are gettind a good handle on Contract-First, Module-Based, Design-for-Fabrication, Design-for-Disassembly, Lifetime Design including Digital Fabrication with the CNC Torch Table and rapid prototyping with the HydraFabber. As we complete the 6 in 60 Campaign, we learn how to use standard life-size Lego Blocks for building real equipment (only about 4 main parts) - which follow the 1 Day in 2 Hours paradigm. By increasing participant numbers in our Design Sprints, we are


Following 6 in 60 of Q2 - our goal is to master the rest of the mechanical infrastructures, which are based on steel and hydraulics - as relevant to agricultural and construction infrastructures. The tools covered in 6 in 60 are: first prototypes of Truck, Car, Backhoe, Bulldozer, and further prototypes of Ironworker and Microtrac.

From then, we will refine the CNC Torch Table and Hydrafabber, complete the punch element on the Ironworker.

From then on, we will engage some field testing in construction. First, we will generate a site plan. Then we can grade with the bulldozer, dig erosion control. Dig some drainage works with backhoe, and do mowing with the MicroTrac mower.

Our Product Lead will focus on completing further design in Q3 for the LifeTrac Construcion Set, or mechanical machines:

  • Trencher
  • Cement Mixer
  • Hammer Mill
  • Well Drilling Rig
  • Hay Cutter, string trimmer
  • Hay Rake
  • Spader
  • Baler
  • Seeder
  • Combine
  • Sawmill Prototype II
  • 50 hp Power Cube - Prototype II
  • Further prototypes of Car and Truck

Power Electronics and Precision Machining

At the same time that we finish off initial prototypes of the mechanical tools, we will begin on the Power Electronics, Automation, and Precision Machining, led by marcin. We will master the production of circuits, 3D models, and CNC cut parts - and will move on to heavy duty precision machining.

  • Complete HydraFabber
  • Build 100W CNC Laser Cutter and explore scaling to higher power
  • Begin power electronics: power supplies and related electronics such as for high power motor controller (Stepper + Servo), Welder, Plasma Cutter, Induction Furnace, Laser Cutter, Charge Controller for Wind Turbine.
  • Begin precision CNC - such as heavy duty Multimachine. Complete CNC Torch Table.
  • Begin precision rotor fabrication:
    • Electric motor
    • Hydraulic motor
    • Modern steam engine
  • Master CEB Construction and Sawmilling in the process of building out OSE Microhouses.
  • Improve infrastructure, such as build a storm shelter and Equipment Barn.


By the end of the year, we intend to master digital fabricatioon of mechanical machines. We will begin power electronics and delve into precision machining by end of 2013 - putting us on a solid footing for fabrication of precision parts from scrap steel by end of 2014.