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Original Prusa i3 Build Manual

  • Prusa P3Steel Build Manual:

Note that many derivatives may vary from the original.

Folgertech Kit

Kit sells for under $300. This source [1] says auto bed leveling is done readily.

  • Review - [2] - calibration is a definite issue.
  • Auto level by metal-to-metal contact - [3]

Build Time

  • 12 hour build time - [4]


  • Forum message - what's the Best Workshop Kit for a 3D printer workshop? 1 day build workshop, as high quality as possible.
  • Prusa i3 from Folgertech encouraged.
  • SD card or wireless - what additional cost is there?
  • We identify the kit

FreeCAD Files


Original Work

  • Version used in Prusa workshops - see Readme for source - [6]. Her is the source for the workshop model. [7].


  • Prusa i3 Buyer's Guide from RepRap - [8]
  • Classifieds - Missouri - [9]

Sourcing with Shipping

  • Under $350 for full kit, shipping is 3-5 days - [10]. Uses J Head Nozzle. Ships "i3 rework" design: [11]
    • Review of Replikeo [12]
    • Replikeo BOM - [13]

Sourcing Issues

  • According to [14] - cheap chinese J Head counterfeits do not work - so make sure the hot end works
  • J Head exists from the original manufacturer - $56 - but shipping is a flat rate. Takes 48 hours to ship, but shipping method is unspecified. Need to contact seller to see if they can provide fast shipping.


  • Josef (Prusa),

We will be doing a Prusa i3 workshop March 19.

1. Can you share some of your expertise in running workshops - do you have your process documented anywhere?

2. Which source of the Prusa i3 do you recommend as the best version to use for a workshop?

3. Are you in a position to/ interested in coming to the USA to run a workshop with OSE?


Research before asking on RepRap forum

RepRap Forum Threads

Thread where thetazzbot has same one-day workshop and similar workshop plan spreading ideas as D3D. Suggested kits: Reprappro Fisher (repo with GPL licence, build instructions), folgertech 2020 prusa i3. Note on Fisher: I (Tobben) has built one of these myself. It's not what D3D wants.

Thread where beginner decides which Prusa i3 kit to order. Community ends up recommending Makerfarm's kit.

Thread where founders present their workshop-friendly Prusa i3 design. Sadly, it has a non-commercial licence. Their design can be found here.

Other Workshops

Matterhackers workshops jan 2016 does Prusa i3 workshops, lists suppliers and uses libre licences. Fantastic! Instructor John Abella would be interesting contact for D3D.

BCN3D hosts 1-day intensive RepRap workshops. Doesn't include build though (they have 3-day workshops for that). The printer they use (BCN3D+) is expensive (740€ per kit), but is libre (MIT-licence), CAD files are step. Found here. Build manuals here.


Tobben's previous preferred kit-supplier,, closed its sales on Jan 15 2016. They left a list of alternative suppliers on their home page including:

Forum thread

The forum thread where we ask RepRap community which kit to use:,612676