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Build Instructions According to Module-Based Design

Source of Kit

Build Instructions from Folgertech

These contain details, but procedures are inefficient and not in the same order as should happen in a swarm XM build. These are modified for the OSE case, though individual details are still relevant.

  • Folgertech's Google Drive - [2]

Build Results

Build Pictures


See Folgertech Prusa i3 OSE Google Drive.

Build Review



  1. Automatic bed leveling. See Research_On_Inductive_Proximity_Sensors and Tobbens_Adding_Inductive_Proximity_Sensor_Log.
  2. Y-carriage bearing holders with 1mm more space for bearings. See File:3xmetali3standoff2 1mmExtraAlongLinBearing.stl.

Wish List

  1. SD support - [3] and [4]
  2. Bluetooth support - [5] and [6]
  3. Anti-backlash nut case and belt tensioner - [7]
  4. Cable chain, endstop improvements, etc. - [8] and [9]
  5. Libre sensor and fan brackets for Folgertech Prusa found here. Our copy of the same files: File:Induction Sensor Fan Bracket for Folgertech Also see elkayem's solution on thingiverse. Print in heat resistant material (not PLA).
  6. X-carriage with space for 1mm longer linear bearings and easier and more straight belt mounting

Other Instructionals

  • Reddit thread on building FPi3 - [10]
  • Github Community Folgertech Prusa i3 documentation - [11]. No alignment procedure mentioned.
  • Extensive list on Folgertech Prusa i3 2020 resources - [12]
  • Build videos - [13]
  • Wikia page - [14]
  • The Folgertech Drive source itself is updated - [15]


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