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Strategy 1: Pursue Collaboration with Successful Publishers

  • Sylvia Gindick and I work at Regan Arts, a publishing company under Phaidon Global. I'm reaching out to see if you are interested in working on a possible book project together. Regan Arts is a new company headed by Judith Regan, who has a long history of publishing bestselling books. We have had great success with our titles, publishing three New York Times bestsellers in the past year.
  • Dylan Charles - Waking Times (200k FB), published CC-BY-SA article on OSE that spread wide.
  • Medium TED Fellows Channel - through TED
  • BWK NY - TED Fellows PR agency
  • William Byrd - editing CAD Master's Thesis offer
  • Suzanne Van Gilder - Are you familiar with Discover magazine? It is a consumer publication, but well regarded. I acquired their submission guidelines and think a good way to pitch the story would be a basic primer on Distributive Enterprise, using Factor e Farm and the GVCS as a narrative focus. Their lead time in print is 6 months. There are also opportunities with Discover for blogs and digital content, which has a quicker turn around. Perhaps I pitch a blog or digital piece about your search for SME contributors in the short term, and develop a more comprehensive primer for later in the year? It’s really good to seed the field with editorial, so to speak, so the audience builds interest in the subject matter.
  • Frank Aragona - Agriculture Innovations Podcast
  • Diego Footer - permies crowd -
  • Jack Spirko - Survival Podcast
  • Joe Rogan - via Dylan, Scott