Pyrolysis Oil Handling Precautions

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  • Given Pyrolysis Oil Contains Various Hydrocarbons it should be handled carefully to avoid harm to personell and the enviroment
    • Need to look for specifics, i know Benzene , and Propene etc can be quite hazardous, and are common in these "intermediaries" ?
  • This page goes over the risks, precautions to avoid them, and methods to negate any accidental release of pyrolysis oil (small volumes such as tipping over a container, or having resedue in washing water, not large scale oil spills !)
  • Also need to see if Vapor Cloud Explosions are a risk

Basic PPE

  • Face Sheild
  • Gloves (Need to look into materials, given some of these chemicals in the o i l may be solvents to some?
  • Well ventilated area, and if not a filter-mask

Seccondary Safety Equipment

  • Spill Palet
    • Can be improvised via a "kiddie pool" assuming it is insoluable to the involved chemicals
  • Wash Station (wash bottle, or faucet/hose)
  • Spill-Kit
    • Paper Towels
    • Plenty of water
    • Spray Detergent (to act as a Dispersant )
    • Optional containment "booms" (something to keep it from "running" around)
    • Optional "squegee" type things to push the liquid around
    • Optional dropper for potential recovery of some (if a large enough quantity is spilled

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