Radical Collaboration Strategy

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The Brick Press - now transitioning to a form that can be produced in a single day - is a good case example of what can happen with wide global collaboration. If done properly - viral replication can occur - setting one of the first examples of distributed production of industrial-scale hardware. To achieve wide replicability, these are the minimum requirements:

  • Low cost
  • Full CAD and Fabrication drawings
  • CAM files for CNC torch table cutting
  • Video documentation of build. Fabrication Instructional.
  • Field testing data - pilot projects in select locations

To facilite this process, we are involving people in all the development steps from design to field testing and publishing. Remote collaborators can get involved in:

  • Documentation support
  • Generation of 2D CNC files for torch table. LibreCAD is an open source platform for 2D CAD.
  • Remote video editing support
  • Flash mobs for generating 2D CAM files. See 2D CAM File Flash Mob.