Rainwater Runoff Managment Planning Software

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  • Software used for planning construction that allows on to determine:
  1. How Much Rain Happens In the Area
  2. How This Currently Flows
  3. How The Buildings Redirect This with No Management Efforts
  • THEN the user can add in various devices and systems and analyze the effect
  • Thus they are given a list of what to build, and estimates for what is needed

Basic Workflow

  • Geographical Area from Google Maps and/or Google Earth
  • Building Layout and dimensions from Sweet Home 3D
  • Topography from https://lpdaac.usgs.gov/
  • Weather Data From OpenWeather using their api perhaps mix this with on site weather stations as well?
  • All this gets processed with the code (It will be a ton of work, but would be a great tool)
  • Then Various devices such as Retention Ponds , Drainage Ditches, French Drainsl, etc can be added in in a workflow similar to Sweet Home 3D
  • This is all then analyzed and some simulation is done (What scale, how to handle this, would open foam work, is this too complex to simulate) or if that is too complex basic numbers will be calculated


Data In-s

  • Figure out how to use the google earth api (See Google Earth Engine ) or something similar
  • Figure out hoe to use the OpenWeather API
  • NASA Worldwind may be better

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