Raising the Bar

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OSE believes that we can raise the whole playing field of human capacity so that everybody is a live innovator pursuing self-determination collaboratively with others, and in harmony with natural life support systems. We can restore a more healthy balance of power between people, and between people and the environment.

The idea that Bezos, Gates, Jobs, and Zuckerberg create the world is bad for society - in the sense that only a few individuals rise to immense power. Ideally, there would be more innovators, and there would be less followers to fund the giants. Such a scenario could arise when we could raise the bar on human ability and self-esteem, which leads to more distributed innovation. Imagine a world with millions of smaller versions of these giants - where more diversity of choice and agency is present. Imagine leapfrogging through problems, solving problems faster than they are created. This is impossible in the proprietary economy. The solution is open source collaboration and information sharing - on a path to the Open Source Economy.

OSE's pathway to this is by creating a replicable Village Campus to reinvent the world.


OSE believes in the fundamental raising of human performance as denizens of earth to environmental stewardship and pursuit of meaning. Currently there exists an artificial scarcity distraction preventing almost all people from reaching their human potential. We get trapped in comfortable unfreedom, as the environment degrades and social justice improves not too fast.

Raising the bar revolves around increasing individual abilities such that survival is easy. This also means bolstering human psychological self-awareness, as many people would run into an existential crisis if freedom from trivialties makes one look inside.

Currently we have heroes setting trends, and hero worship as the other side. This is no good. The better situation is when everyone is innovating, alive, and fulfilled. Can we transition to a situation where 80% of the people no longer dislike their jobs - but instead do something that is very meaningful?

Yes we can. We can provide education that matters. We can create an enviroment where people have the capacity to meet their needs, so they can begin to evolve as humans. This fundamentally means eradicating artificial scarcity.

Human economic productivity can be unleashed, so there are no longer chores.