Random Column Packing

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  • Using a random distribution of materials to pack a column
  • The easiest to set up, may not be the most efficient, but will most likely "get the job done"
  • Steel Wool and Similar Metal Wools, Shredded Materials, Rings, Lattice Shapes, And Large Spheres can all work

Off the Shelf Solutions

Steel Wool

  • Easily available at local stores

Copper Scouring Pads

  • Available as "dish scrubbers"
  • Should be more "food grade" and thus can be used in distillers etc
  • Amazon Search
  • ~10 USD for a few ~10 cm diameter by ~2.5 cm disks

Stainless Steel Scouring Pads

  • Similar to the copper, yet stainless steel

Shredded Material

Plastic Lattices


  • Chopped Pipe (PVC or Metal)
  • Ceramic Rings

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