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  • The industrial equivalent of an Air Purifier
  • Can use one, or man steps/methods
  • Typically used for filtration of chemicals, but often particles as well
  • More dust focused units may be called Dust Collectors


Cyclonic Filtration

  • Useful for removing particles such as Flue Ash
  • Also used in dust evacuation systems in machine shops, and in vacuum cleaners
  • Although not used for this in most industrial applications, the consumer vacuum cleaner company, Dyson, maketed a model with seccondary cyclones supposedly capable of getting near HEPA preformance
    • This was acheived via a small neck, so small that semi-flexible portions were needed to allow clog preventing vibration
    • Also there was a final HEPA filter, but this was supposedly more of a backup
  • Most units in industry have only the "primary" cyclone for large to medium-small particles (essentiall no smaller than fine sawdust and large dust
  • Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaners tend to also have a smaller seccondary cyclone (or muliple to increase flow), that is used for more fine particles

Electrostatic Precipitation

  • Electrically Charges the air and/or particles, then uses a "negative" electrode to cause them to precipitate

Dry Catalysts

  • This is used to change some chemical pollutants into either less harmful forms, or ordinary chemicals
  • this is used on most moder cars
  • More expensive, yet also more compact and simple

Settling Chamber

  • Use space to allow particles to settle
  • Most effective for in-line use is some sort of baffle chamber
  • Mainly used for larger particles

Fluidized Bed

Thermal Methods

Wet Scrubbers

  • Essentially using liquids to absorb and/or react with particles and gasses in the gas stream
  • Water can work for many applications such as remooving hydrogen sulphide (it turns to sulphuric acid, this was a product of historical gasworks, although most modern sulphuric acid comes from the Claus Process )
  • Other liquids have their own applications
  • For designs of these see Gas-Liquid Contactor

OSE Layouts

Heat Exchange/Heating/Cooling

Dust/Particles Removal

  1. Primany Cyclone
  2. Seccondary Cyclone(s)
  3. Electrostatic Precipitator
  4. Failsafe Filterbag/HEPA/ULPA Filter etc

Aerosol/Gas Chemical Pollutants

Concentrator Stage

Filtration/Treatment Methods

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