Rapid Prototyping Breakdown

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This is detailed list of redundant prototyping that is used to verify and collect data on all components.

We know that Modular Breakdown is the key to the success of Linux. We apply that to hardware through Module-Based Design and Extreme Manufacturing.

This can be done only by over-resourcing and leaving no stone unturned - using the over-prototyping concept of the Second Toyota Paradox. This is doable only if a sufficiently large team of prototypers is committed, and if funding is allotted for materials/machines/time to build the prototypes. These may be volunteers or paid people.

For example, for the motor, we start prototyping at T=0 from the simplest concepts possible, from bearings to shaft to controller etc - starting to build and verify subsystems, according to the Second Toyota Paradox of excessive prototyping. Rapid prototyping technologies help here.