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  • A touch-screen tablet shaped computer made from a Raspberry Pi is a low-hanging fruit type of project featuring the integration of advanced DIY computing (1.4 Ghz quad core, 1 G RAM) with open source 3D printing. A 3D printed case can be used, and with a bluetooth headset - the combination can be turned into a smart phone or "phablet".
  • Phone can be added via an auxiliary Pi Zero for low power requirement when used as a phone with the other Pi as the main computer. Just sayin.
  • Low end models are good educational/gift kits, high end models with things such as data logger ports, or barcode/qr code readers are especially usefull in research and logistics/sales enviroments respectively
  • May be used as a thin client from a server, for example to run FreeCAD?

Industry Standard

Ruggedized "Warehouse Tablets"

  • These are hardy, have long bttery life and/or hot swappable batteries, and have things like card readers and barcode scanners, and sometimes even 3d scaanners
  • This ~$1,300 design

Art Tablets

  • These tend to have calibrated, high resolution touch screens, advanced styluses, and some even have advanced graphics like nvidia quadro
  • [Wacom Mobile Studio Pro

Cheap Tablets

Existing Open Source Designs

  • $120 pi 2 with 3.5 touchscreen and keyboard- [1]
  • Open source project - DukePad - [2]
  • CutiePi - forthcoming - open source but custom board - [3]
  • Pretty good one. OS is problematic as of 2017. [4]
  • DIY example - [5]
  • RasPad - [6]. Kickstarter campaign - [7]

Operating Systems

  • Raspbian - [


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