Rebuilding a Country

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Rebuilding an entire country may be in high demand. At that level, we need the $50M milestone of the GVCS, from which we can construct key elements of any civilization:

  1. Food
  2. Housing
  3. Induction furnace. Steel, metal, glass, and plastic. [1]
  4. Concrete and rock
  5. Lumber
  6. Plastic and rubber
  7. Semiconductor
  8. Solar hydrogen
  9. Silicon
  10. Semiconductor to PV, transistors, and ICs.
  11. Precision machining. For engines and hydraulics. And electric motors.
  12. Dirt- as building material, aluminum source, silicon source

That's about it, and we can do civilization. Now in terms of the social production swarm model, we can collaborate with 1000 tech schools to deploy the hands-on building and design programs. This is together with integrated human psychosocial development training, the final outcome of which is the ability to cooperate. The block today is societal and psychological, and eradication of scarcity thinking is the key.

With $5M to build infrastructure for 240 - that is about right. Then we build a bunch of homes, add a floor to the Tower of Wisdom, and produce more. The outcome being a cohort of 24 leaders at this point who are Collaboratively Literate. At that level, we take one leader, 24 support staff in the form of their cohort. Thus it emerges that in each cohort there is the super-cooperator who passes the test for the Art of Possibility. We design for extreme leadership as such - but trained - not born - and provide a supporting cohort of 24. These individuals can take on the OSE work to 24 locations at a time, these locations being the reconstruction work force of 1000 people as the basic village. With the 1000, we leverage the energy of their friends - to get to the scale of 10,000 - in a matter of a month.

If a month is the rebuild timeframe, then the energy access must be about 5x village size. The village is still at Dunbar's Number of 200. But a this scale - that is 1MW of power. Scales of 50kW are easy as a PV install - but going larger we may use wind of equivalent scale to quadruple the capacity. The rest could be Power Cubes on transitional power, until we get to hydrogen.

But forget that. Let's do 2 acres of solar - $900k cost [2] - and less if we know how to mount less expensively. Near free on rooftop of the open source microfactory. 2 acres of solar + 200kW of wind. Something like that.

With power cubes at 25hp - we would need 10-20 of them for startup power to get the system going. Including vehicles to move around.

We meet with everyone - and see what the needs are for infrastructure, and build it out.

Case Study

Go to Ukraine, take 24 cities or villages to rebuild, and we build in an economy to whatever needs there are. Open source blueprints + 1000 people each finish each town in 30 days, for back-to-normal activity. Or 10,000 people in a weekend once we get good at it, with Module-Based Design.