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Last Mile DPVs

Emails sent Oct 13:

  • Mark Sanders
  • Dave Milne
  • Mark Harmon
  • Paul Neelands
  • Justin Downs
  • Matthew Lapora
  • Yuki Liu
  • Aidan Williamson
  • James Wise
  • Jesse DePinto
  • Tom Griffing
  • Get Audrey on all EWB chapters -
  • Steve Quilley
  • Warren Dahlin - Stonehill College
  • Ronny
  • Catherine Austin Fitts
  • Monica Zamorra
  • Justin Windett
  • Bram, Demotech
  • Reinder, Demotech
  • Jessica Burns
  • Patrick O'Connor
  • Don McNew
  • Andrew Greenwell
  • Ryan Mihalik
  • Lonnie Freeman
  • Chris Beckmann
  • Curt Beckmann
  • Tanel Valja
  • Peter Hackbert
  • Sara Germain
  • Kris Anctil
  • Jenny Jones
  • Robbie Neilson
  • Eric Polliner
  • Levi DeLuk, Yale
  • Bryan Plunger
  • Brad Bender
  • McKinnley
  • Frank Cicela
  • Nic Freschi
  • Terrin Vann
  • Colin Dodson
  • Molly Farison, Olin
  • Jacob Madden
  • Tom Hurst
  • Paolo Martini
  • Daniel Cox
  • Jay Kinzie
  • Alexander Lieders
  • Brandon Sortor
  • Scott Hayward
  • Joshua Johnson
  • Adam Campbell
  • Robert Mellinger
  • Sam Holland
  • Codrin Kruijne
  • Eric Calhoun
  • Del Stanton
  • Ian Weatherseed
  • Brian Wilson
  • Khanh Nguyen
  • Jim Farley
  • Mac MacQuaid
  • Arif Yilmaz
  • Alex Pagliere
  • Mihail Lankin
  • Mitchell Hunt
  • Scott Bunn
  • Eliza Strickland
  • David Frazier
  • Darold Swinton
  • Caleb Evenson
  • Adam Mitchell
  • Tony from Hawaii
  • Scott Gallant
  • Blair Evans
  • Akira Madono
  • Naveed Syed
  • Gary Jaffe
  • Vann Miller
  • Alex Krongard, PU '85
  • Greg Landua
  • Bob Berkebile
  • Bob Todd
  • Angel Imaz
  • Liam Rattray
  • Aaron Von Mises
  • Ryan Lutz
  • Chris F
  • Steve Dignan
  • Matthew Smaus
  • Robert Cote
  • Vadim Kuklov
  • Simon Walter Hansen
  • Taylor Henry
  • Noah Harris
  • Ted Mosher
  • Ryan Lougee
  • Nordhus
  • Ewan French
  • Hector Corrales
  • 101 total now.

jerry lee perkins resume

  • Industrial engineer turned operations manager
  • Plant manager, engineering manager
  • Project management
  • Could produce 3-4 people on a full time basis - over the next few months.
  • full time person - cost $50-75/hr - $8-12k/month
  • Ready assuming we are ready
  • Lean Academy - in U. Kentucky
    • Technical expertise - process mapping - electromechanical systems, disk drives, optical products (good mechanical understanding), operational strategies, continuous improvement, process flow, quality systems (ISO); document what process is and what improvements can be
    • Management experience


  • Suggests a repository of design - common elements - so the parts talk to each other
  • Process leader - working with the teams - and contributor to design process
  • Can help us build a team
    • Expertise - member of Purdue Engineering Alumni, or professional societies, or personal network
    • Identify a team that we can put together
  • Steps: identify a program; build a base of expertise;
  • Detailed and high level development - both engineering and operations, as plant management
  • Lean:
  • Strategy: define major elements, bring in right people

EXPERIENCE: Accomplished corporate Facility Services and Real Estate operations executive with 20 years experience in High Technology and Software Industry. Experienced in all aspects of Facilities Management, Project Management, Purchasing and Real Estate Services. Demonstrated abilities in building highly motivated Teams for the efficient leadership of corporate Facilities.

Developing and implementing successful innovative approaches to cost savings for Real Estate negotiations and consolidations. Devising strategies to leverage results driving innovative approaches to cost savings and Best In Class Processes. Oversight of development activities, acquisition through occupancy of Corporate Campuses and Facilities.

Frugal Meister Nerds 2008 - Present San Jose, CA Director Of Operations Provider of Professional Services in support of Technology Companies of integrated services delivered by expert teams to clients seeking increased value while we deliver the infrastructure support. Management of Contract Resources through the total Facility Development Cycle. • Negotiated Corporate Headquarters/Development Centers for Technology Companies • Integration of Operations into Corporate Functions Construction, Facilities, Project Management, Purchasing and Real Estate, generated over $50 million in cost savings • Opened and supported 17 locations including, Data Centers, Server Rooms and Services • Leadership of Cross Functional Teams, Development, Marketing, Services, Sales in achievement of Business Objectives, Program Management for total Project Life Cycle. • Developed Microsoft Project Tools to deliver Projects to Plan and reduce risk to commitments

Computer Associates, WILY Technology Division 2001 – 2008 South San Francisco, CA Director Of Business Operations Leader of Administration, Construction, Facilities, Project Management, Purchasing and Real Estate for Applications Performance Management product line for a high growth division of $4 billion IT Management Company. Managed Data, Electrical, HVAC and Mechanical trade skills. • Flawless execution of Corporate Headquarter move including Data Centers, Server Rooms and Services • Generated $2,500,000 cost savings through aggressive negotiations with key vendors • Developed and implemented Division policies for Operations—including Construction, Facilities, Project Management, Purchasing, Real Estate, Tenant Improvements, Travel, etc. • Opened and supported 12 worldwide locations Requirements, Layouts and Business Objectives

American National Can 1999 – 2000 Fairfield, CA Plant Manager Technical/Business Leader for $5.4 billion consumer packaging manufacturer. Managed production of 1.2 billion containers with a $12 million spending budget, $8million capital budget and 100 team members. Leadership of Facilities, HR, Materials, Plant Engineering, Production, Purchasing and Quality. • Implemented Lean Manufacturing Methodology which resulted in 12% reduction in unit cost • Improved Plant Layout/Process Flow to improve quality and lowered spoilage through error proofing • Ranked #1 in region for Visual Factory; led process across 6 plants to improve company-wide operations

SMC Pneumatics, Inc. 1997 - 1999 Indianapolis, IN Plant Manager Leader of Business for a $200 million motion control manufacturer. Managed production of over 800,000 devices, $10 million spending budget, $2 million capital budget and 200 team members, including Facilities, Materials, Plant Engineering, Production and Purchasing. • Developed a process improvement initiative that realized a 9.5% increase of process quality and reducing per unit cost. Created a JIT Environment Process Flow, Layout and Work Cell Design • Led business staff to achieve ISO 9001 registration

Harman Motive, Inc. 1993 - 1997 Martinsville, IN

           Plant Manager 
           Conceived Plant Operations strategy for Automotive Audio OEM Manufacturer $300 million Tier One                   
           Supplier, 1.4 million Infinity/JBL Audiophile Systems, $50 million spending budget, $20 million capital                  
            budget and  800 team members

• Conceived strategy and implemented process to improve labor utilization of direct labor efficiency by 9.3% yielding $410,000 annual savings. Performed labor standard analysis for Line Balancing • Created/led new business segment development management process that dramatically changed the plant operations focus to technical/business ownership, allowed organization to triple output with a 50% increase in direct labor

JP Enterprises & Associates 1991 - 1993 San Jose, CA

           Senior Managing Partner 
           Manufacturing/Engineering Firm with focus on development of new products/processes for Fortune500 

• Analyzed manufacturing processes, implementing business practices to reduce cycle time by 50% and inventory by 30%. Generated $1 million savings, through focused Continuous Improvement Program

Digital Equipment Corporation 1986 - 1991 Cupertino, CA

           Business Operations/Senior Engineering Manager                                    
           Leader of ASIC Technology Engineering Manufacturing Organization, 40,000 micro modules, $15 million spending                                                                            	budget, $40 million capital budget, 47 professionals and 105 Operators/Technicians, a business unit of a $14billion                    	Minicomputer company. Developed Requirements, Process Flow and Layouts 

EDUCATION: Purdue University, Bachelor of Science Industrial Engineering

University of Wisconsin, Business Administration, Graduate Program MBA Course Work

Business Continuity/Environmental Health&Safety/Ergonomics/Process Mapping/SAP/Security/Six Sigma Green Belt

AFFILIATIONS: Brisbane, CA Chamber Of Commerce

Dunbar Community Center Board of Directors

Purdue University Industrial Advisory Board

Donald Nordeng Resume

  • Keen to make life change, willing to take lower pay in exchange for joining in the vision
  • Executive director type, does not practice lean
  • Sustainable development - over last 10 years
  • Looking for ED
    • Advisory role for Second Harvest Japan
    • Likes access to Capital
  • Remote management - interested in scaling
  • Currently doing an organic certification program - Ecocert - can do one
  • Predigesting info in hardware - to
  • Talks about Learning Orgnization
  • Open Source Ecology Steve Jobs - Don would be Tim Cook
  • Zoho - can capture leads from a website; forms filling.
  • Open Culture - yes. Jack Stack pioneered open book management. Allowed line item control of budget.
  • 2 months lead time - plus some time to coach next person.

Professional Summary

Have extensive experience in negotiation and or training of senior management. Have worked with the following organizations to help them implement management systems to gain a specific result.: Mitsubishi Corporation, Sojitsu Corp., Mitsui & Co., Sumitomo Corp., Kikkoman Corp. Yamasa Corp., Suntory Corp., Asahi Beer Corp. Marubeni Co., Ltd., Shiseido Corp., Mitsubishi Research Institute, The Minsitry of Agricuture, Forestry and Fisheries, Japan,The Ministry of Trade, Japan, The Japan External Trade Organization, Kawasaki City.

Comfortable in public speaking having spoken in front of over 10,000 people at events ranging from 5 to 300. Managed people directly and remotely in 25 different countries and comfortable working with and managing people from any culture. Speak Japanese very well. Native English speaker. Scheduled to speak at the upcoming European Business Council Sustainability Conference with Paul Roberts, author of The End of Oil and The End of Food, Taro Kono, M.P. House of Representatives, LDP, and Hans Dietmar Schweisgut, Ambassador of the EU to Japan.

Chosen by the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan to mentor in the first American Embassy in Japan sponsored Entrepreneurship event in 2010.

Fully competent in current software including Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint. In addition have designed and implemented simple database solutions for client and project management.

Currently have a 25-75% international travel schedule from Tokyo to 10 different countries. Seasoned international traveler.

Hold a Masters degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in sustainable management from Anaheim University's Kisho Kurokawa Green Institute. Graduated cum laude.

Earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication with a minor in Writing from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point.

Currently hold several volunteer board member positions: Advisor, The Textile Exchange. Board member, The Kanagawa Science Park Association. Advisor, Second Harvest Japan.

Enjoy membership in the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan, The French Chamber of Commerce in Japan, and the European Business Council.

U.S. Citizen. Fluent in Japanese

Work History

Managing Director Ecocert Japan Co., Ltd., Kawasaki, Japan 2012 – Present

Managing Director Ecocert-QAI Japan Ltd., Kawasaki, Japan 2002-2012

Managing Director QAI Japan Ltd., Kawasaki, Japan 2000-2002

Manager – Japan Office Quality Assurance International, Inc., Kawasaki, Japan 1996-2000

• Extensive negotiation and training of senior management experience. Have worked with the following organizations: Mitsubishi Corporation, Sojitsu Corp., Mitsui & Co., Sumitomo Corp., Kikkoman Corp. Yamasa Corp., Suntory Corp., Asahi Beer Corp. Marubeni Co., Ltd., Shiseido Corp., Mitsubishi Research Institute. The Minsitry of Agricuture, Forestry and Fisheries, Japan. The Ministry of Trade, Japan. The Japan External Trade Organization, Japan. Kawasaki City, among others.

• Over 10 years of international strategic marketing experience in South America, North America, Africa, Europe and Asia. Worked with local Managing Directors to ensure local relevance. • Chosen by the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan to mentor in the first American Embassy in Japan sponsored Entrepreneurship event in 2010.

• Certification projects require a rethinking of the production flow to include sustainability design and transparency. Have worked on over 1000 projects all directly implementing bottom line value and improvement in sustainability.

• A majority of new certification projects require fundamental shifts in the way business is done. Current manufacturing methods must be supplemented with additional reporting requirements. This takes new training and management programs.

• Have made over 250 presentations to over 10,000 people as either a trainer or industry expert. Regularly receive repeat invitations from the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation to lecture to their Human Resources Training Programme program on business practices in Japan.

• Strong leadership, motivation and execution skills. Able to create shared vision and purpose among diverse team members.

• Established first global planning tool for the Ecocert Group used by 50 project managers and 12 directors to control client relationship and project plans.

• Well versed in the challenges of global calendar planning with cross-cultural holiday and market driven requirements.

• Extensive experience in regulatory affairs. Acted as advisor to APEC, the USDA, the European Commission, The New Zealand Ministry of Trade and the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture on issues of labeling regulations and equivalency.

• Consistently provide excellent quality service to Japanese clients, arguably the most demanding service market anywhere by leading the market in compliance, zero non-compliances in 2011, and in average turnaround time 45 days in 2011, ahead of the industry average of 60 days.

• Created and designed a cloud based online training system using open source tools to train 150 inspectors in 15 countries.

• Have had multiple diversity training courses and Manage a culturally diverse team of 10 directly of 5 different nationalities and over 30 indirectly in 21 countries, and in multiple languages.

• Excellent focus and listening skills learned in a foreign language. Comfortable working in project teams made of members of different nationalities and norms. Able to rapidly assess the intended meaning in cross cultural situations and get clarity through restatement. A cross cultural situation could be not only nationality based but also business culture as during a merger or acquisition. Over 10 years as a bridge between U.S., Japan and French business practices.

Education Masters of Business Administration, Anaheim University Kisho Kurokawa Green Institute Bachelor of Science, Communication, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

Relevant Skills

Training Leading Coordinating Cross-cultural Research Development Communicating Speaking Japanese

Publications Nordeng, D. (2010). Organic Food Handbook. Japan Food Journal. Tokyo, Japan.

Nordeng, D., Maruyama, T., Yamashita, T. (2002). US Organic Standard Explained. Science Forum. Tokyo, Japan.

Adachi, S., Nordeng, D., Tomita, T. (1998) Organic Food Handbook. Science Forum. Tokyo, Japan.

Awards and Recognitions

Graduated cum laude, Anaheim University

Professional Groups and Affiliations

Governor, The Organic Certifiers Council of Japan. Advisor, The Textile Exchange. Board member, The Kanagawa Science Park Association. Board Advisor, Second Harvest Japan Member the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan. Member The French Chamber of Commerce in Japan. Member the European Business Council, Sustainable Development Committee.

March 2, 2012

  • As of now, we have a few more leads on various positions, the main ones are:
  • Jerry-Lee Perkins (PD), found on ASSESSMENT: Years of Lean project management, good track record, familiar with THP and systems processes. He is a mechanical engineer and materials science master with and MBA, now runs his own project consulting business: frugal meister nerds. Into Open Source, seems fairly flexible with contract terms. NEXT STEP: Conference with Marcin.
  • Dylan Lydster: contacted us. ASSESSMENT: should be a good project manager, has engineers worked up and funding writers etc in place. NEXT STEP: find him projects and build a team.
  • DONALD NORDENG (potential ED): ASSESSMENT: Japanese business guru with lots of international experience. runs an organic certification firm in Owsaka. Very excited about and into the project. Willing to leave 150K salary and good life in Japan to come to Missouri. Looking for 2 year contract. NEXT STEP: conference with Marcin.
  • George Lu: ASSESSMENT CUM LAUDE 3.90 GPA mechanical and industrial engineer. Must be good. Project management and product development experience. potential PD or project leader. Next Step: Assess wants and interest.
  • Media responses from Huffpo and democracy now. Thats it. WHY?
  • Yet to get hold of Jack Stack.
  • General observance: Most of the "fellows" search has been unsuccessful. Impression is that they already have good things going and are reluctant to join a start-up/dont understand what we are doing. They are confused by the website! as to status, leadership etc. I think we need a little more focus on an explanation video and structuring of website.
  • SCORE ASSESSMENT: There seems to be a general resistance to collaboration outside of the Score agenda: startup business consulting. However, we have support from chapters in Central Virginia, Witchita, Autin, and Boston.
  • HELPexers are coming in again: a couple engineers and fabricators.
  • Target list: Saul Griffiths, Scott Benedoch, Reid Hoffman, Behrokh Khoshnevis, TECHSOUP!
  • seems to be the best resume search for our purposes.
  • Linked-IN ASSESSMENT: I paid $50 for a premium account or whatever, but that only allows you 7 requests. none responded. Is it work the $500 for 50 requests?

Feb 23/24

  • Emails Sent through fellowship search:

-Daniel Ben-Horin: Tech-soup global

-Ray Kruzweil

-Ami-Dar (idealist)

-Jacquie Jones

-Kathi Weltcher

-Mathias Craig (blue energy)

-Rufus Pollock

-Alex Eaton

-Francois Grey

-Ramsey Ford

-Manuel Guerra

  • Calls to:

-Bjorn Kristensan: Starting building OSE style in Iceland. ASSESSMENT: Interesting builder, organizing himself.

-Luis Guerra: Genius chemist/mexican biodigestion activist.

-Dan Nordeng: Japanese busisnessman, wants to be ED? ASSESSMENT: Further talks needed.

-Storm Cunningham: Very interesting, writing a book. ASSESSMENT: ED?

  • Media coverage requests: Pop-SCI, POP-MECH, huff-po, Mashable, Democracy Now, Wired, Globe, Daily Show.
  • Score Chapter help requests: St.Louis, Central Virginia, San Francisco, New York, Phoenix, Tampa.
  • LinkedIN: Expensive! Have to be selective.

Feb 22, 2012

Arny Bereson

  • Started with Injection Molding
    • Shifted with Econ Development of Florida
  • Did FORESTERS, financial product group
  • Captures essence of what is going on today.
  • Paid Position - $135k. Health plan not needed.
    • Seasoned.
    • Online teacher.
    • Experiential learning.
  • Availability - couple weeks of time in advance.
  • Onsite? Not.
    • Not director of established organization.
    • Remote work means higher level of discipline. Says he has the focus.
  • Likes startups - every day is an adventure - hand in everything
    • Loses interest quickly if it's boring. Needs constant change.
  • Old job - did well, they don't need him any more.
    • Full time employment
  • 50 mi north of San Diego
  • Just remarried
  • Agile development? Not wwz
  • Peter Drucker - studied with him
  • Agile - not expert on it. Candid.
  • Conflict mitigation - handle before it happens.
  • Handle, motivate, and empower volunteers.
    • Bad volunteer is worse than no volunteer
    • American Diabetes Organization - dealt with a lot of dissatisfied volunteers
  • Need to set up standards - not a lot of meat on the bones
    • Need to really get to setting up structure - procedure, who to go to, platform for funds, what kind of avenues for fundraising
  • Could help us find an executive director; get structure in place and hand it over -
    • 3 months?
    • 1 year contract - yes
    • Doesn't want to temp
    • 1 year - staff and procedures in place
  • No web based or computer skills
  • That is proje
  • Board of diabetes certifiers - present
  • Assessment: Arny is seasoned and experienced. We will take our time to assess. Advantage: experience; Disadvantage: not a lifestyle investor, career nonprofit guy.

Feb 21, 2012

  • Conversations with Khoung Dinh and Arny Bereson: See below.
  • Postings to and engineertalent.
  • New SCORE strategy: contact the chapters and get them to distribute amonst themselves.
  • Time for a media blitz.

-Huffpo, democracy now, cbc news,, popular science, mechanics, anyone else?

  • Called Dylan Lydster. Assesment: Hard to determine potential at early stages.

Khoung Interview

  • - Astro Teller, Meghan Smith
  • Experience in Agile/Lean!
  • Systems engineer GVCS at component level
  • Set up Scrum teams?
    • Assemble teams.
  • Pay? - like a Woofer
  • Location? - can be onsite
  • Availability - Starting early Marcin
  • Joe Justice analysis: distributed research and development
    • Problem of
    • Future combat system - independent teams went to their own corners, the integration was a waste of time due to lack of collaboration
    • Node leaders would follow a manufacturing process
  • Expertise: materials science and physics
  • Prepare functionality matrix
    • How much time?
  • Sysem engineer: assures scalability of enterprise, testable products, that GVCS makes sense.
  • Lifestyle Investment? 1 year ago quit DoD, figuring next path. Migrate. Now has soft skills. Now needs hard skills.
    • Wants lodging + stipend (phone, gas, food? Whatever is fair)
    • Kinda like Woofing
  • Work product - samples of work - - He did layers of spiral development knows lean/agile,
  • Perfect System -

Jeff Clanon interview, SOL

  • Main message: Not any ED will do - lots of them are not good at learning part specific to SOL techniques
    • Sends me more info on SOL techniques, and we resume conference on Thursday morning.
    • Assessment: sounds like his network can yield the people for ED positionl Followup: Thursday call.

Andy Meyer Interview

  • His assessment of our work:
    • Zombie Apocalypse is deep fear of people
    • New Industrial Revolution
    • Real Tools
    • Finds higher purpose great
    • Glut of television of all types of engineers doing irrelevant stuff - here, it is altruistic. Does have a goal and value. Huge DIY culture tapped in.
  • 12-16 month for pitch. One 2 hour program, or 6-10 episodes
    • Not immediate documentation, but suggests Journalism/Film grad students
    • Pure Growth - James Weiss CFO frin PU '96, helps nonprofits by creating for-profit ventures. Assessment:
    • Home Depot and Lowes - falling over themselves to provide supplies. Assessment: our social capital makes them look at this as noble and worth supporting? Followup: Put it on a possible action item.
    • Ford and Chevy - donate pickup trucks?
    • Lots of these organizations have n
    • Taco Bell Foundation - huge philanthropic org that funds dreamers
    • All Fortune 500 Companies have divisions for giving. By law, pretty much have to do it.
    • Expert in High quality video cFamera - Journalism (top third in Missouri) or Film schools. Followup - film students from U. M. Columbia
    • Strategy - Discovery or PBS documentary would get all brands to open up check books.
    • Good friend for social media of Obama, worked in NPR before. In the know about how funding works.


  • 02/20/12 - Wednesday: meeting with Arny Bereson.

Marcin interview with Stephanie Rosol 2/20/12

  • Go commando on people
    • Find out where they are
    • How do we get to them
  • Get lists of companies, around me - manufacturers
  • Prototyping orgs?
  • Write top 5 questions from TED
  • How do i market this in the right place.
    • Positioning piece - understand what someone cares about, link to that to assess their commitment
    • Companies with related subject matter expertise

  • How?
  • No matter what pool - there will be frustrations

  • Post on LinkedIn
    • Start with passion, then specifics of enterprise
  • Followup with logistics questions for people - is this really for me?
    • Where do you live,

Tom 20/2/2012

  * Response and contact with a dozen email inquiries, mostly from NPR and cbc show. 

Potentail systems manager in Khoung Dinh. Assessment: experienced systems thinker and engineer, young and motivated, project management experience. Ethics: ‘turning his life around to suit his philosophies’.

Sick of DoD. Next Step: Conference call 21/2/12.
   *Contact with Arny Bereson, PHD. ED of american diabetes association. Anyone know of him?
Assessment:  Experienced ED, management, chemical engineer, masters in material science.
What is he looking to get out of the project? he wants money. Next Step: conference call 21/2/12.
  • 5 more Score requests. Assessment: Will probably help acquire a senior advisory board.

Next Step: Keep up the 5 requests/day.

  * Emails sent out to SOL: Bill Stillinger.- Assessment: Marcin talking to Jeff from SOL tomorrow 

Next Step: contact others in network.

  * Requests for quote made to FEP Executive Recruitment:, 

quote: “Established in 1975, the firm has been able to align clients with the industry's best talent. Our 16,000-plus highly qualified candidates placed successfully in leading companies vouch the statement that we are one of North America's most competent, aggressive and resource rich search firms. We belong to many different industry associations, and our consultants are specialists in new technologies, methodologies and challenges facing their own specific industries. Assessment: FEP specialize in technology and manufacturing!!! Next step: Wait for response.

  * Dylan Lydster: Assessment: Not enough experience to be ED or PD, but potential project leader.
Next Step: Communicate to establish a role.
  * Coworker Search on Fbook -Using Facebook’s “basic” search interface, you can specify a company and search for “coworkers,” even if you’re not employed at the company you are searching for. 

Simply enter a company that you suspect might employ people that you would like to target. Assessment: works ok if you have a company in mind.

   *Yahoo’s linkdomain command allows you to search for and find websites/pages that link back to a specified site. For example, we can leverage Yahoo’s linkdomain functionality to search for websites/pages that link back to Facebook groups and pages. 

Assessment: Works well! continue to explore.


  • Tom

- Ten more score mentorships. -Lots of TED and Ashoka fellows to contact

- resumes are flooding in, mostly from the NPR and CBC shows, and the blog.

-contact more outstanding international radio shows? (this american life, democracy now, ????).

-enough here to get a decent team together.





  • Most organizations have a company email address structured like this: If you look on the Staff section of a company's website and notice someone you want to contact, try either: or I tested this with Engineers Without Borders today using an old email account, and it didn't bounce back with an error, so I know it went through. Is this ethical? No. Is this excellent? You decide.


-Extensive talks with Carl maucione, score mentor. Looks like its best not to contact board heads for recommendations as Aaron posted. Poach their email contacts?

-5 more score requests. Unfortunately score does not allow hiring of mentors or them sitting on boards, but maybe call the chapters?

-Called nanoholding llc. universities! department heads at UT austen? Nanoengineers.

-called urban green energy.

-A few resumes have come in through the blog posts. No EDs but possible team leaders.

-I have found a good to-call list from the ashoka fellows list.

-Plan for tomorrow: call ashoka fellows, five more score mentors, mine the ted fellows networks, try to find more executive search engines, call Score chapters and heads, and call strategic executive search


by Tom Bamford

  • First day of specified contact. Hard to find contact numbers of anyone good. Working through groups (ashoka, EWB, Technoserve, Skoll) might be our best bet. Score might get some good returns, but have to send email and only 5/day.


  • Called William Drayton @ Ashoka: No answer. Sent him an email.
  • Called Diana Wells @ Ashoka. Interest expressed. talking to board.
  • Created an account with the Ashoka-Changemakers community.
  • Called Hakan Lutz of Smyte cars- left a message.
  • Contact with James J Batz: looking at website.

Emails sent to:

  • Carl Macione -
  • Michael Snyder: former CEO of High-Tech
  • John C Roy: Nonprofit and industrial manufacturing management
  • Lincoln Craighead : projects director?
  • John E Ball: 40 plus years R+D management. industrial engineer.
  • SCORE Mentoring request list: Carl R Monnin,,, charles E Schafer (projects director!!),,, ROBERT J PAULY (NASA AND AT+T super engineer),,, Dennis. A Currrington,,,,Donald W Havas.
  • Note: Score allows only 5 mentoring requests per day.
  • Important to follow up on (Score senior advisors):
    • Som Karamchetty,
    • Carl Trautmann,
    • Jerry H Stienberg.
Start a changeshop? recruiting or financing?

-SKOLL: Gawad Kalinga? Not much there.

-Mark Duff: (On board at, strategic business planner, e-business and marketing, etc (potential ED?) company: No answer, Left a message.

- Brian Schofield!? On various boards (eg technoserve, EWB), fits the mold. Cant find contact. Do we have any contacts @ technoserve or EWB?

Tomorrow: Focus on Ashoka fellows, TED, and 5 more SCORE.


Job descriptions posted. Executive Director and Projects Director