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At Factor e Farm, we go from redneck (manual labor, term deriving from being out in the sun all day and shedding the white of academic skin) to PhD - and from PhD to redneck. That's part of being an Integrated Human, just like Gandhi, who said to his head-of-state visitors, "Now if you excuse me gentlemen, I've got to clean latrines".

It is useful to be well-versed in all aspects of life from mundane to visionary, in order to appreciate most the full range of conditions in which people life. To gain empathy in a creative Movement Entrepreneurship sense.

We observe that there are many people in the world who do not see an extended index of possibilities for themselves - and simply because they haven't been exposed to opportunity. But these people may have great growth potential - like any child - who has an option to become a superhero or part of the downtrodden - at the start of their life.

For qualified candidates who haven't been exposed to higher learning, OSE can offer advancement. Core is the productive skill of a manual worker with an open mind. Adding skill of design, then management, then collaborative entrepreneurship (beyond solopreneurship), then C-Suite, then movement entrepreneurship. - see Enterprise_Log#Sun_May_2.2C_2021.

As such, we can advance people from relatively skilled work ($25) to $37.50 per hour for integrated build skill, moving on to $45 for managing crews, and $65 for organizing crews - corresponding to the equivalent work of Integrated Builder, Manager, C-suite. After that, the world is one's oyster, and this could be done with in-house scholarships from OSE. These would be loans, to be paid back with time. These are enabled by low-cost operation, and high-value revenue models based on integrated, open source skill sets and global collaboration.