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OSE is in the business of education, and in particular - of the Extreme Manufacturing Workshops. OSE is willing to travel to other locations to build the CEB press over a weekend. However, building a heavy machine such as the brick press in one day is not trivial, and requires heroic preparation beforehand for any client requesting such a build. OSE can guide the entire process, but the client needs to:

  1. Secure a workshop space, minimum of 1500 square feet.
  2. Secure six 200A MIG welder machines, an oxyacetylen torch, four 5 amp grinders, and four 15 amp grinders. Rest is other tools such as wrenches, clamps, and vises.
  3. Secure CNC-cut metal from a local fab shop that has a CNC torch or laser table for metal. The current version of the CEB press is CNC cut from mostly 1/2" steel, with Poka-Yoke parts that fit only one way - which allows welding and fabrication of a machine in a single day under a skilled supervisor. It is not required that participants have fabrication skill, but they must be willing to learn and must be willing to get their hands dirty. Skilled participants are a plus but not a requirement.
  4. Assist in publicizing the event so that a minimum of 12 participants are available for the Extreme Build.

Other than the hard core fabrication, this is a family-friendly event, so bring your spouse and kids.

OSE would:

  1. Provide the controller and 3D printed parts.
  2. Travel for a 1-2 day build workshop

Financial Model

In order to make this model financially sustainable for OSE, these are arrangements that work for OSE:

  1. OSE currently charges $5k on top of the bill of materials for its educational service of a one day build. The materials cost is $5k including the CNC cut metal. The total that the client pays is around $10k for a machine build of a completely automated machine. The machine does not come with a power source, so the client needs to have a hydraulic power source available, such as tractor or bobcat hydraulic takeoff.
  2. OSE advertises the workshop and the workshop is open for public participation at a fee of around $300-400 per registrant
  3. OSE keeps the workshop revenue to support its R&D and operations. OSE's funding model is these immersion build workshops - we are not supported by foundations but from earned revenue.
  4. OSE covers travel and accommodations for its build guide.
  5. Participants cover their lunch.
  6. The client walks away with a fully automated brick press, which otherwise costs $52k from the next nearest competitor for the equivalent brick production rate.