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In order to promote global collaboration, it is important to lower barriers to collaborators such that anyone who wants to become involved can begin contributing in a meaningful way. For global collaboration to happen, documentation is key. Our central repository of documentation is the OSE Wiki (this wiki). Here are the documentation guidelines for those who want to get involved in the project.

  1. Log in. Set up an account on the OSE Wiki. See Wiki Login Policy. Email admin at opensourceecology dot org if you have trouble setting up an account.
  2. Create Work Log. See Work Log Guidelines. Begin a page titled Your Name Work Log. We are organizing contributions by connecting pages to their curators. When you set up your work log, you are declaring yourself to be the initial curator or owner of that page.
  3. Document Your Work. Link to all your work product as in Work Log Guidelines. Keep in mind that when you join the project, you are not talking only to the respective individual in your communications - but also to the world - to increase the rate of innovation. If it's not on the wiki, it does not exist - for the purposes of global collaboration.
  4. If you are a new collaborator, Introduce Yourself to the Community. - Embed an introductory 1-2 minute video in your first Work Log entry with your name - location (city or country), what you are offering to OSE, and what you'd like to get out of your participation. Write down your contact information for other team members to contact you, and summarize your interests/goals. Link to your resume. If you are proposing specific collaboration, please make an entry in your first work log describing your project. For technical development, document: specifications, value proposition, link to videos, embed supporting diagrams and information, any any other relevant information. Note that by doing this, you are making your work transparent and removing barriers from our team collaborating with you.
  5. Write a Proposal Brief. If you are volunteering and making any request for deeper collaboration, or if you are requesting contract work such as design or prototyping, see our Strategic Plan and Critical Path for mission alignment - and write a one page Proposal Inquiry. In your first Work Log entry, include a link to your Proposal Brief - what you would like to do, when, what you are offering + how that furthers our critical path, and what resources you need to get started. This begins a discussion. Note that we may not have time to respond immediately, but if your proposal offers clear value to OSE, we will make the effort to on-board you to one of our projects.
  6. Join a Flash Mob - Sign up at Flash Mobs. we hold real-time development meetings via teleconference on a regular basis. Sign up to our Flash Mob team to be included in future work sessions. Our goal is to recruit several thousand Flash Mob members for immediate solution of problems. Your benefit is participating in work sessions where you will meet experts and potential collaborators in various fields.
  7. Sign up for a Dedicated Project Visit. If remote collaboration is insufficient for you or if a long-term commitment is too much - join us for a 1 month Dedicated Project Visit.