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While a build is going on at one location, a remote team can collaborate on documentation:

  1. Build team takes pictures and communicates online with a remote development team
  2. Built team uploads pictures and videos to an online media sharing site such as YouTube
  3. Remote team (and/or artificial intelligence using computer vision, see Cetacea II) uses a documentation platform such as the OSE Wiki, Google Docs, Dozuki, or WikiFab to produce build instructionals in realtime
  4. An instructional is completed at the same time as the build

This assumes that the remote documentation is providing thorough details in its documentation, at a level of detail that augments any existing documentation. If instructionals already exist, the remote team can build upon them to improve them.

See a walk-through of how our historic first time real-time documentation went, more at Ironworker_3#Realtime_Documentation_Workflow_-_Proof_of_Concept:

Note that the above video is a remote edit. Footage that was used was uploaded to YouTube for the remote video editor, Rob Kirk.