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  • The utilization of a product in the same use case, or one of a very similar manner with little modification, or Refurbishment
  • There is a separate concept where the product is modified/given a new purpose that requires little modification, this will be covered under Creative Reuse , Repurposing , and Upcycling
  • Thus in more technical terms this page ie referring to "Conventional Reuse"

Container Reuse

  • This is a proven system, mainly of Glass Bottles and (Liquified/Pressurized) Gaseous Fuel Canisters/Bottles (See LPG / Propane )
  • Can be promoted via advocacy, and some form of Deposit System

Used Goods

  • This is another proven system, mainly when the item is no longer desired by one owner, and is given/sold to another
  • Can also be done with more degraded products, but this is more relevant to Refurbishment

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