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  • Reasonable Optical Near Joint Access (Abbreviated as "Ronja" ) is an Open Source project for Free-Space Optical Communication
  • The device has 1.4km range and has stable 10Mbps full duplex data rate. Ronja is an optoelectronic device you can mount on your house and connect your PC, home or office network with other networks. Or you can use it as a general purpose wireless link for building any other networking project.
  • The design is released under the GNU Free Documentation License: you get all the necessary documentation and construction guides free.
  • The material costs are very low, about 100 USD.
  • The operation is immune to most interference and quite reliable - interrupted only by dense fog.
  • Furthermore it is very secure since a Man in the Middle Attack / Tapping Attempt Could be Easily Detected

Internal Links

  • LiFi (Similar concept, but for small scale networking, Wifi->Optical Fiber as LiFi->RONJA
  • Toslink (An LED and Fiber Based Audio/Data Standard)
  • Infrared Data Association (Was mainly an early 2000's Phenomena on Phones/PDA's and such, may be obsolete to LiFi)

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