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  • Also written in all caps as TOSLINK
  • Stands for Toshiba Link
  • A Consumer Level Optical Data Transmission Standard
  • Uses a digital pulse of an led, a plastic Fiber Optic Cable (not doped, just plain plastic like Fishing Line
  • Is unaffected by electronic noise
  • Range is limited due to the fiber optc cable used, as well as the typical diodes and light detectors used
  • Perhaps look into range using glass or PROPER dual material fiber optics, and higher power diodes and/or Laser Diodes
  • More Sensitive Sensors may help such as PhotoTransistors perhaps
  • Most Common in Audio Applications (Is a semicircle shaped black port with a red light while running) where it sends digital audio code (Advantage over coaxial is questionable in most uses due to the digital nature of the signal)
  • Also available as microToslink which has the same port dimentions as a 3.5mm Audio Jack and can coexist with one
  • The Chromecast Audio has microToslink
  • Would also be intresting to tweak for mor intensive data use while still using the same connectors and cables

Off the shelf Componets

  • ChromeCast Audio (Wifi/Bluetooth to 3.5mm analog audio, 3.5mm Coaxial Digital, or MicroToslink) may be hackable

DIY Componets

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