Rubble Road

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Health Concerns

  • May need to screen waste used for various nasties such as:
  • Heavy metals etc: Cadmium, Lead...
  • Radioactive Stuff: Cesium etc (SHOULD be low levels if at all, but some waste, especially mining/refining waste can contain some of this, and the dusty enviroment of this type of road wwould lead to radioactive dust, which tends to be the real issue for most radioactive hazards (outside of HUGE instant exposures such as working during a full meltdown etc most radiation sources aren't THAT bad unless you are exposed to them long term, easy method to do this is to get radioactive dust in your lungs, or calcium seeking radioactive stuff in your digestive tract, and thus your bones, typically via water contamination) )

How to Reduce/eliminate Health Concerns

  • Easiest method is use pre checked/qualified waste

DIY Methods

  • Screen Materials with a Radiation Sampler (A bit extra, but if even a simple giger counter is going off the charts, YOU HAVE an issue)
  • Basic Chemical Indicator Tests for Various Nasties (High School Level "What is/is in this sample / Test Strips + Kits)
  • If you have one, or are feeling fancy, use a X-Ray Florescence Analysis Device for a few samples

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