SME Search Design Sprint

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  • List of all required SMEs is defined as clearly as possible, here for the CNC Torch, 3D Printer, House, and Brick Press projects.
  • Vision is connected to the greater picture of Housing Construction Set, Heavy Machine Construction Set, Open Source Microfactory Construction Set (3DP, CNC Torch) at all times.
  • Focus is on SMEs to accelerate development 100 fold, and documentation to make sure we capture organizational learning

To get there, read through:

  1. List SME Areas for Seed Home Development 2016 - this is a prioritization specific to a current critical path
  2. List Venues of Possible SME Sources - this is a universal list
  3. Hold Design Sprint for identifying those people
  4. Request Followup from contributors to contact the SMEs according to a SME Search Email
  5. Work with SMEs to do: 1. Webinars, 2. Design Guides, 3. Templates - or any microchunks of those
  6. Build team through this process, bringing everyone along through this process. HR Team needs to be developed to vet candidates at a basic level: commitment to 4 hours per week for Contributors, and 1 hour per month for SME Advisors.

Governance is simple. Anyone can contribute content to the wiki. The final gate of decision-making is made regarding acceptance of Library Parts to OSE Part Library. The parts reflect adherence to OSE Specifications, Distributive Enterprise, Extreme Manufacturing, Open Source Product Development, and Scrum.