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March 2020

  • Steam Camp Cost - Revenue Visualizer/Calculator
  • This embed is editable directly. Update the yellow fields to change the calculations! How to embed editable Google Sheet Here
    • Change fixed and variable costs to see total Net Revenue in upper table
    • Adjust # days and extra instructor count to see hourly return on time in lower table


September 2019

This is for initial STEAM Camps during the development phase of the STEAM Camps.

  • Revenue per person - $1350 per seat, 9 days
  • 50% revenue share of net with Instructor.
  • Dev Kit B0M - $300
  • 9 Day STEAM Camp. Focus on 4 first days Boot Camp in OSE methods.
  • Invite the others who are already doing cutting edge stuff to present, with the last 5 days of STEAM Camps being Project Days dedicated specifically to creating a simple, viable 3D printed product of some sort.
  • $1k venue - or if free, this goes into the 50/50 share of savings
  • $1k video and publicity, $1k admin staff.


Prototyping Kit BOM

The January STEAM Camp had a $521 cost of materials.

  • Around 500 in materials for D3D Universal package + experiments + project materials; $250 printer, $200 Pi Tablet

Evolution Notes

  • Once the video instructionals for the STEAM Camp are perfected, then the Remote Participation option becomes much more attractive. Both on-site and remote people should be watching the instructional videos for the builds instead of listening to the instructor - the instructor is there only for clarification. Video person attends and works on inserting the clarifications into the videos for future events.
  • Another future product could be video collections. Otherwise, all video is published freely.