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  • STEAM teachers
  • Creatives and makers
  • Software people interested in mastering practical skills - those who are hungry - the best way to learn something is to teach it
  • Maker, builder, designer types of people
  • Those looking for an integrated skill set

Points of Inspiration that We Could Touch On

  • Achieve immortality - by producing public design - you are contributing to work that lives for ever and serves many people in the future
  • End artificial scarcity
  • Upgrade your (mental) software to abundance thinking
  • End taxation - as communities gain resilience, they start to take care of people more effectively. The need for a welfare state decreases as more services are provided localy.
  • We ask Big Questions on how to make a better world
  • Tranform the economy to one based on collaborative design
  • Work on technology with a purpose
  • Join a community for collaborative incentive challenges, that make open source microfactories possible all around the world
  • Bring the future here - evenly distributed

Value Proposition

  • You: see people bloom, create aha moments, share your knowledge with the next generation
  • Social: put your interaction with your students on a new level
  • Transformation: be part of a global movement to reinvent education
  • Turn your classroom into the best attraction in your school
  • Integrate: design thinking, hands-on skills, applied knowledge, and entrepreneurship
  • Supercooperator: learn to be a supercooperator as you lead your class as part of a global effort
  • Learning: learn cutting edge skills - all using accessible, open source software and hardware
  • Open source: be a part of the transition that turns open source collaboration into the core of the next economy - to become the de-facto standard just like has happened with open source software
  • Imagine empowering students, young and old, with powerful skills
  • Join a learning community and a mastermind for gaining practical skills to build anything
  • Get paid - sideline revenue?
  • Practical products
  • Open source products - new engine of production in communities - open source microfact


(based on January STEAM Camp Script)

Are you interested in changing peoples' lives by unleash their creative powers? Do you want to transform schools and education - to meet the needs of the next economy? Are you excited by reinventing your local region and its economies - and training students to make it happen via open source microfactories?

We've got a program - that in only 9 days - will open up many possibilities for such breakthroughs breakthroughs happen. With the Open Source Microfactory Steam Camp - we teach critical skills that transform

We offer collaborative design and build training - so that we can teach our future generations the much-needed practical skills to design, build, and enterprise in a world of tomorrow.

And we invite you as an instructor - to transform students' lives. As an instructor - you will teach our breakthrough 9 day program. Students will learn and be proficient in CAD, 3D printing, design thinking and rapid prototopying electronics, microcontrollers, and coding. Our UVP is the hands-on and entrepreneurial approach that we take to learning. We are not about theory - but practical applications to making the world better for everyone - by unleashing the power of collaboration. The mindshift we are after is cultural - shifting people from consumers - to producers - and most importantly - to collaborators.

During the 9 day immersion, students build your own 3D printers, other tools such as a pen plotter or cordless welder, and various practical things like a Raspberry Pi tablet or cordless drills. We offer experiences where students - with the use of refined collaboration techniques and tools - design, prototype, and productize things. Students can then take the things home with them, and collaborate in ongoing monthly design sessions on regular product releases.

The aha moments and learning of such applied learning are profound - as we teach how to translate ideas to reality. Because we use and continuously evolve our open hardware development kit - the tools are accessible for creative projects, and real economic impact.

In the first 4 days, we teach collaborative literacy, including hardware tools for biulding 80% of the stuff you see on Amazon. Students learn how to design just about anything in FreeCAD, as they design and print various tools they’ll

be using throughout the program. You'll even teach how to build a 3D Printer by the end of your first day. With this printer, battery packs, electronic controllers, motors, and other parts - we teach how to make just about any practical device or product come to life.

The key to making possible - what seems impossible to do in only 9 days - is group collaboration and team work. We’re passionate

about the power - that focused and structured collaboration unleashes -

and know - that students can transform their lives, too. We use modular, open source design - and contribute to part libraries so that we continue to develop parts that others can build upon, like Legos. After only this 9 day experience - your students can continue to build upon the work by joining our open source community. We continue a an online community, with design sprints, options for remote and onsite collaboration through the Summers of Extreme Design-Build, and collaborate through regular incentive challenges. (idea: offer near-free (so people are paying attention) admission to Remote (but no kit, though) Option of Summer of Extreme Design Build) to all participants of STEAM Camps)

During the event, you will collaborate via the internet - with other locations running the Camps at the same time - with 100% open source toolchains - allowing for rapid development - where global collaboration is one of the core collaborative aspects that we are offering.

It's like a crash course for open hardware. You WILL learn, you WILL teach breakthroughs, you WILL build relationships and friendships, you WILL have fun, and

you WILL be blown away by how you and your students can achive new things in only 9 days!

We can train you in the collaborative design/build tools and processes - and we can certify you to teach with us. If you are a seasoned STEAM teacher who wants to work on a sideline - this may be for you. If you know nothing about open hardware - but you are a good teacher and you are hungry to learn - we invite you to learn by teaching. If you are passionate about open source - this may be your chance to take a deep dive into open hardware. If you are a builder - this is a chance to share your skills as we would love to learn from you and make our program better. If you are interested int an interdisciplinary, wholistic learning - beyond the current silos - we are here to make it happen. We are scaling our programs - so that every population center around the world - can offer the Microfactory experience.

See how the STEAM Camp offer for instructors works in the video description - and let's explore

what we all can do together- with open hardware technology - through open collaboration. So join us - as you teach more people the tools, skills, and breakthroughs of collaborative design-build training. So help us build the cornerstones of democratic society - and join us at this early stage.