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After 170 emails to hand-picked individuals from my contacts, YouTube channels, open hardware directories, and OSHWA certified open hardware directory - I have 5 candidate instructors with relevant skill sets. None have done any specific modules that we can plug right it to the STEAM Camp 9 Day Curriculum. Curriculum is tight - building around a 3-in-1 machine (the open source version of the SnapMaker industry standard). Top 10 highest funded ever project on Kickstarter), and we can use that as a basic for Dev Kits as well to start to encourage local OSE Meetup Groups.

The Big Guys from YouTube, and famous people - zero were interested on grounds of time. I reduced the audience requirement to below 100k, and further reduced it to people with clear endorsement of open culture.

Based on the shortage of names after 1 month, I did a big blog post to facilitate progress, and set up a form to capture initial interest at The Invitation. I think I will do a video, and do a pitch to instructors with Yale Fox. Right now I'd still like to finish off the open hardware directories to make sure that I contacted all the possibilities in the open community, and am looking for a strategy to take the talent search up a notch. I composed an initial job announcement - OSE Talent Search

Right now it's looking like it will take more than 12 instructors. Each would need to commit 50 hours for curriculum dev. I'm thinking 24 events now, for 1000 hours of curriculum/prototype dev time. That is doable well by people who already did the various projects, but not so well by people who haven't - so maybe 100 hours of dev time or 2 weeks just on their curriculum prep. See curriculum tasks breakdown for itemized curriculum items for the 9 days.