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Off The Shelf Devices

Sat Phones

  • very Pricey, typically provider locked, and only provides one phone and usually no text/data
  • Will work, and very portable, but not the most cost effective solution for groups etc (also data transfer obiously)

Sat Internet Units

  • Often use a full on Satellite Dish or a large box with a flat antenna of sorts
  • This comes with full internet, and thus switching and multi use capability
  • Better for semi-permanent use cases (Vehicles, Base Camps, Construction Sites, etc)
  • These also tend to cost ~5,000 USD, so are a definet investment, yet also more capable/cost effective than sat phones for large groups/operations
  • If Starlink works in the future, this will be the best option
  • As of now read This website and transcribe it if need be

Best Semi-Portable Unit

Best Permanent Installation Unit

  • Good for vehicles (Boats/trucks/ HMCUs etc )
  • [2]

If you are somehow rich

  • [3]
  • Or merge many smaller units via Link Aggragation
  • Or multiple of the above units if NEAR INFINITE funds are available

Existing Open Source Devices

OSE Efforts

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