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Interestingly, a game engine may be used for useful modeling tasks related to the Global Village Construction Set. Moreover, gaming has also been suggested as a means of tackling real world problems, not just fictional problems. See this eye-opener on the topic:

Sauerbraten is an open source 3D-computer game available under Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It is modeled after the Quake computer games. One of its features is a very easy to use in-game editor that allows the player to model a level. Videos of the game can be created.

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Go to and download the version for your operating system

Editor tutorial

  1. Start Sauerbraten
  2. In the main menu, choose "Editing" and then any map
  3. Press "Esc" and go to "mapops" and "Create new map"

Once you are in game, the following keys will be important (see all keys by pressing "Esc" and going to "Keys"):

E: Toggles editing mode on/off

(All following only work in editing mode)

Drag a rectangle with mouse: Mark area

Y+Scrollwheel: Change texture

Alt+Scrollwheel: Change height (this is how you build blocks) (On Mac it is Alt, maybe it's CTRL on Linux)

G+Scrollwheel: Change cursor size

To build something you mark an area, "pull" out blocks with the Alt+Scrollwheel and you have a wall. Then you mark the wall and change its texture. Glass and water can be found in "Esc" -> "Editing" -> "Materials".

Video recording

Everything without apostrophes

  1. Press "t" in the game for "talk"
  2. Enter "/movie <filename.avi>" to record a movie to filename.avi (a little message will appear telling you it is recording)
  3. Walk around/play/do what should be recorded
  4. Press "t" again
  5. Enter "/movie" to stop recording