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LifeTrac 6 Production Requirements

LifeTrac 6 Product Development Board

Product Concept & Key Performance Parameters Template

Leandra's Log

DPV Orientation and Message Board


LifeTrac 6 Modules

Wed Aug 14 2013

OpenModelica Welder

OSE Welder Link

Tue Aug 13, 2013

LifeTrac Cab Requirements


Link to Modules Page

Sketchup Component Models

Guide for converting STEP/IGES into DXF for importing into Sketchup

2 spool Joystick [Part# RD522GCGA5A4B6]:

2 Spool Motor Valve [RD522EEAA5A4B1]

2 Spool Cylinder Valve [RD522CCAA5A4B1]

1 Spool Cylinder Valve [RD512CA5A4B1]

1 Spool Motor Valve [RD-2575-M4-EDA1]

Aug 12 2013

Potential software for multi-user collaboration.

  * - Virtual Workspace
  * - Construction/Simulation software integrated into world

Aug 9 2012

Sketchy Physics Test

  • Preformed a test in sketchyphysics attempting to simulate a cylinder with a pivot at one end where the piston could slide. The test seemed to show that sketchyphysics could not be used that way.

Piston fallingOut.Png

Then Found the following video...

File:Wranglerdown.skp """How did they do this"""

Original Download:

Aug 8 2013

  • Created a set of build instructions for the "Material Awareness exercise"
  • Built the "Material Awareness structure"
    • Observations:
      • Material is much bigger and heavier than you would think from the sketchup model
      • Assembly works best if nothing is tightened down until entire structure is assembled
  • Disassembled structure
  • Did inventory of 1" bolts and nuts.
  • Did inventory of hydraulic hoses

Aug 7 2013

Search "Brake valves to control hydraulic motors with over-running loads"

Information on Overcenter Valves:

Interactive video on how hydraulic brake valves work

We need either a drum brake system or a hydraulic brake valve.

Our current Drum:

Options for drum brake:

Fits our drum, but costs $560 :

Does not fit, but demonstrates that there may less costly options:

Options for hydraulic brake valve:

Still need to determine price and circuit : - See Overcenter valves with brake control

Aug 6 2013

Brake Research Discusses several brake systems, their advantages and disadvantages, as well as how to trouble shoot them.</br> There are two commonly used types of brakes. Drum-Brakes, and Disk-Brakes.

This is the motor we have:

This motor would have been better I think:

Aug 2 2013

Crowd sourced CAD model Database - models can be downloaded in many formats

Aug 1 2013

Winner of FANG 1 challange