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Screencast software allows you to record or share a video of your computer's screen.

Quick Guide


VLC player is a popular open source multiplatform multimedia player with a built in screencasting package.

  1. Go to "Media" > "Open Capture Device"
  2. Select capture mode "Desktop"
  3. Click Play
  4. Go to "Playback" > "Record"
  5. "Playback" > "Stop" when finished

File will be in Users/Username/Videos Folder



  • RecordMyDesktop - nice, but crashes on Ubuntu 15.10
  • Byzanz - runs from command line. Complicated.
  • Vokoscreen - nice! Advanced state of development for a new program. Has magnification window. Switching from RecordMyDesktop.
  • SimpleScreenRecorder - Simple, but has excellent screen following feature.
  • Used with Cursor Highlighting.