Sectional Screw Flighting

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How it Works

  • CNC sectional screw flighting machine - How does it work? The machine operator inputs specs for the helical flight form, such as material type, thickness, segment length, and pitch, and the control indicates what tooling to place in the machine. With the tooling in place, the material is slowly fed from one side to the other. The tooling forms a section of the curvature and releases, and the machine pulls the next unformed section into the tooling’s forming window. The process repeats itself until the segment is completely formed, producing a complete helix shape. [1]
  • Manual flighting making machine -


  • Elwood, KS - Auger Flights - [2]
    • Mike at Pro-Dig - [3].
    • They have a 5 axis CNC plasma that profiles the blade - then turns head 45 deg to make a leading edge
    • They press them, rotating them 2-3 times
    • 3" pitch.