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Financial independence for doing relevant work. Work in istelf must be transformative. Aligns with Gen Z - 25-12 YO group in 2023.


  • Absolute optimization magic - builds of modules.
    • Crew of 6 builds ALL the modules in 2 days, (flip through about 40 modules fast), and stands up the entire house in 2 more days. Easy. Then 3 more days for.
  • Here we are proving the full builds in real housing development - and once we build a few homes, we will offer module kits for sale for the 1300 sf house at about 1/6 the cost of a typical new house ($75k vs $450k), so you can start small but high quality - and expand as needed.
  • But this isn't going to be easy. How do you learn 17 trades in such a short time? If you google online, you see that the common story for the trades is entry level pay after 4 years of apprenticeship, with 10 years to become a master carpenter. Here we expect to reach the same level in only 2 years.
  • Learn absolutely everything about building a house in the shortest possible time. You don't learn how to build 100 choices for every system, element, and component - you learn only one or a few - but OPTIMIZED ways for every single thing. We have spent years optimizing every single components - not to say that we are finished - this is only the beginning and you'll help us optimize as we find out new ways to build things, or start producing more of our own parts and materials in the future, such as through 3D printing or with the Compressed Earth Block press.


  • OS is not a hippie ideal. It is a rigorous quality that must meet or exceed industry standards.
  • But let me warn you: this isn't going to be easy. We open source the engineering of everything - but the challenge is that few engineers are willing to sign off on a universal design. We will open source 3D printed PVC fittings. Did you know that will mean obtain universal plumbing code certification? We will opensource plastic lumber using our open source 3D printers. Did you know that will mean developing a 3D printer with a large heating enclosure - and we will have to go through a process to get our lumber certified to industry standards.
  • Global culture is not open source. There are even entire nations that run on strategic culture. We create a culture