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Reaction to / ideas about the following quote as of the version that was newest with this talk post:

But this isn't going to be easy. How do you learn 17 trades in such a short time? If you google online, you see that the common story for the trades is entry level pay after 4 years of apprenticeship, with 10 years to become a master carpenter. Here we expect to reach the same level in only 2 years.

SO I think the main method is just Documentation/Resources. As it is you would basically be thrown a Blueprint with a bunch of unknown symbols (although Keys help), many Abbreviations etc

The "Expert" (Ie Journeyman etc) level is less so being able to do the task (although that is the case for some of them / how fast and fluently one can do so, more involved things like Conduit Bending or complex Welding (Like Boilermaker type stuff) , and moreso in depth understanding of Building Codes / What to use Where, THUS (although you don't want to just chuck tools at some clueless person) given the Pre-Designed and Tested Nature of OBI Kits an expert shouldn't be needed per se. Ikea Furniture Doesn't Need to Be Assembled by an Engineer or something along those lines.

Granted Stuff like Heavy Equipment Certification / Work on Gas Mains / Welding Certification may be a good idea, but depending on the design this could either not be needed, or could be done in a Prefab manner

On Another Note, we don't want to get into Vaporware territory / overstate capabilities or development times required, BUT VR Job Training / AR Guided Assembly / AR Guided Maintenance could also reduce the barrier to entry (albeit in this case...for a price of needing the hardware) (not horrendously expensive (in the context of a middle class person, in a high income developed economy etc) depending on what you use, but at LEAST a capable Smartphone (Maybe, but not necessarily Flagship Smartphone level), best case scenario would be something like Project Northstar or even some Hardhat Integrated AR HMD / Welding Helmet Integrated AR HMD etc)

Supervision and/or Customer Support would be of use as well. I know Prusa Customer Support is pretty extensive, granted again for a price, but that is a potential aspect. Although groups like VORON now that they are large enough use Forums / Social Media ( Discord , Reddit , etc) as a sort of Decentralized Customer Support , but given that being more unpredictable / having Verifiability/Accreditation of who is saying what can be more difficult

That's my rant/take and i can potentially look into / add on to these concepts in the future.

--Eric (talk) 20:17, 4 June 2023 (UTC)