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  • Trash 3D printer - big priority for starting to print modules, holders, various 'vitamin' components including framing-integrated outlet boxes, blocking, apertures.
    • Phase 1: 4x4.5' modules with 1" rod printer. Stack 2 for 9 foot module.


  • Perennial polyculture for every region.
  • Easement for permanent preservation of land with perennial plant swarm breeding experiments: hazel, walnut, pecan, blackberry, white peach, oleaster, etc. Includes automated harvesting, GIS autonomous vehicles, etc, from a local base station with mission support. Includes harvesting and delivery with distributed autonomous solar vehicles that live in the wild and provide autonomous CSA operations. These vehicles also double up as Power Cube donors on hydrogen for distributed microgeneration of hydrogen.
  • Ask the local lawyer if easements are feasible for house sales for including conservation food production that adds value to the land parcel
  • Phil Ritter - hazels as landscape plant - trailer load costs $5k. Via tree spade root division.

Mid Band

  • Lift or forks on a MicroTrac- like device are a good idea. One option. Another option is short power ladder. Such as a telescoping power ladder which means it is adjustable. Can be powered with a cordless drill. Thus - 3D printed geardowns with rubber belts.

Nailing Off + Taping

  • Top plate first and second from underneath on scaffolds 'self-propelled' - So that platform crew can work. There appears to be no difference force wise in nailing top plates from top or bottom.
  • It seems butyl sticks better to OSB than acrylic. This would facilitate application. But - acrylic seems to stick better to house wrap fuzzy side (Block It brand).
  • Time about 1-2 min per seam of 8'. 60 vertical seams + 3 bands (45 more 8' equivalent) for 105 seams. 2-4 hr total - just seam taping, not other logistics. Mid band- and top band are addressed at same time as nailing. Hardest part is high up. Scaffold could do, manlift is probably better.
  • Setting up smooth surface for scaffolding around house is probably most important - slightly declined to house so scaffold leans against house and not away from it.
  • Another solution - tape from inside, but then OSB must be tight to wood. Should be if 6" nailing schedule.

General Workflow

  • Logistics double the effort. 'production' must be extended to make-load for transport- load to allow correct build order straight from trailer. This way, production is paid for loading, and eliminates unloading - producing 3x productivity at the same cost. Avoids loading effort, unloading effort - which are integrated into the production side. Savings of 2x for comfortable production ergonomics on a work table.



Wash Sink

Afforestation Inquiry

  • I would like to put a conservation easement on one third of a lot. The purpose would be natural habitat and perennial tree crops that would be planted in this part of the lot. This would not prevent the land owner from using the land, as long as they agree not to cut down the trees or plantings. Our organization would provide at least annual maintenance, and have access toaintain the plantings at any time on an as-beedes basis. This would be an easement that transfers to successive owners, while increasing property value because of the valuable aesthetic and use properties of the plantings. Is doing something like this feasible?



  • Seed Eco-Home 4
  • SH4 Challenges. Collaborative Design 2023. Neosubsistence.
  • Investment model - matches S&P but transforms for neosubsistence while reconciles for greed.
  • Under stair closet door - redesign for modularity
  • Wiring - SH4 has entrance at back left corner. Do a high power panel (100A)for induction, water heater. Do subpanel for light circuits (100A CSED) with meter bypass (using it only as a subpanel). Explore possibility of PoN subpanel. Does this exist?
  • Wiring behind fridge - simplify for countertop UC on entire West wall?
  • Finish all CAD - make everything interoperable and documented. On Part Library pages with clear instructions on what is what. Requires annotation. Requires file. Collates files in multiple formats. Shows visual representation.
  • Dev team ecosystem - CAD and digital Fab with self-labeled parts. Joints in modules, standard parts between modules. This allows us to navigate through low requirement jurisdictions, building up experience for high requirement jurisdictions.