Seed Eco-Home Savings with Open Source Construction Machines

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  • Check.png$4340 per build saved at the basic level of 24 person Seed Eco-Home operation - [1]. Basic Enterprise saves $217k/year in machine costs for a 50 house build operation, at a one-time investment of about $50k inclusing truck, tractor, trailer, attachments.
    • Unimog style car/tractor/skid steer at up to 55 MPH Speed. High speed is 1 wheel drive at 40 hp for speed, but not up hill. 2 wheel and 4 wheel drive, 160 hp, Power Cube Scalability included. $50k price ticket for 30000 lb haul.
    • Includes RTK GPS integration within base cost.
  • Development costs:
    • $1M for tractor construction set
    • $1M for the above 3D printing
    • $1M for the above automation - remote, CV, AI, wireless, autonomous

Priority Machines

  • Power cube - specs include shake proof for compactor, electric for slow solar, 1kWhr battery that doubles as power tool battery bank. Units of 2 stroke, 6 hp, 16 hp. Auto string starter.
  • Compactor
  • 1000 lb telehandler/materials lift
  • Power ladder
  • Bobcat at 64 and 128 hp scale
  • Excavator
  • Dozer
  • Trencher
  • Auger
  • Tree spade
  • Rock crusher/shredder
  • Survey drone
  • RTK GPS mission planning module for automated foundations, trenching, foundations
  • Small tracked machine, 500 lb push in
  • Power float