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Most commonly used modules: File:Wall-Insulated-4x4x6 5.fcstd, File:Wall-Insulated-4x8x6 5.fcstd, File:Wall-Insulated-4x4x6 5.fcstd,


Hi Nathan,

The task is actually not that complicated. The modules are all well-defined as in the presentation. So in there, combined with the basic Design Guidelines that I outlined, you should be good to go.

Regarding the updated modules - it turns out we don't need that level of detail for the model kit. Because the modeling kit is designed for design assistance, not technical build details, it suffices to use very simple models. As long as they look correct, that is sufficient - the interfaces between them are not critical. So as long as we design the magnet holes into the pieces, that is sufficient. So you should be able to get going in earnest based on the above presentation. A good test of your success would be to take the modules that you design - and replicate a simple structure like the simple Studio in the presentation. Don't worry about the interior - as long as we make an attractive design that looks good from the outside - we are good. That means that the panels may want aesthetic features such as the wood look on the real build of the 2016 Seed Eco-Home. But these are all details that can be added - so as long as you complete the first complete set of modules, we can improve them after we test that they work for building the model. You can test whether they work by assembling sample models in FreeCAD.

So go at it - and let me know if you have any questions.