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Nonprofit Sector

Habitat for Humanity appears to be growing rapidly, and is involved in similar work. From 2019 Annual Report [1]. 16k homes built in the USA.


Panel System Companies

Village Companies

Homeless Shelter

  • Pallet Shelter - [6]

Affordable Housing Companies

Other Hippieware


Prior Work


  • Median existing home price is $295k [8]
  • Median new homes are $85k higher [9]


  1. $50k for 375 sf [10] - really good at $134/sf. Compare to OSE 1000 sf+carport for $50k. We need marketing like this: [11]
  2. $160k, 256 sf - [12]. Affiliate program like this - [13]. Video says the part that they have costs builders about $60/sf, Boxabl cost is $21 at the factory. [14]. They solved the shipping problem by making unfoldable modules at 8.5' wide. Does not include foundation, utility hookups, land, transportation (2-4 dollars/mile from facility) or installation. Which means at least another $20k there. They say $5k-$50k. If it is that much - then starter module would be say $70k. Or $186k equivalent. Stated financing cost doubling when install is included implies that the real cost is $100k for the house, but that would imply that land may be included. Seed faq
  3. New homes are more expensive, up to 20% - [15]
  4. house construction cost is 1/2 house cost -[16]
  5. Cost to Build a House [17]
  6. Zip Kit Homes - $130/sf construction cost - [18] . They lay out steps to building permit. Good FAQ. Drywall,
  7. $55/sf from Poland - 250 sf basic for $13k - [19]. Can be disassembled. No foundation needed. Modular.
  8. Steve links - [20]
  9. $50k tiny house - [21]
  10. $23k tiny house - [22]
  11. $53k tiny house - [23]
  12. $65k tiny house - [24]
  13. - $150k for 400 sf? [25]
  14. Pop-Up House - 1900-2400 euros / sq.m turnkey (US$209-264/sf) or 1200/1400 euros sq.m without interior finishing [26]

Open Source Projects

  1. Wikihouse - 1100-1600 pounds/sq m - [27] - $1466 USD / sq m - $136/sf.
  2. Vivihouse - [28]. Prototype, no product yet.

It would be interesting to engage the other projects in a collaborative process:

  1. Open Source balers for bale panels. How to process the straw to make it long-lasting? Is this a solved issue or an issue that creates limited applicability only to dry areas?
  2. 3D printed Wikihouse panels with 0 waste - engage Alastair on this, see if they are interested in polyethylene, polypropylene, or PVC.


  • Nov 23, 2021 - - from JM - I think this is as close to a competitor as I’ve found: selling innovation in building industry through modular products. The OSE Seed Eco Home still wins on:
  1. Price
  2. Integration with Labor solution
  3. Coordination efficiency
  4. Overall delivery speed
  5. Global efficiency by relying on existing supply chains

Custom Home Builders

  • $190-$270/sf, land and utility hookup not included - [29]



What are the existing conferences that deal with regenerative construction?

  1. The Klosters Forum


  • Elijah
  • Travis
  • Dan
  • Bob
  • Pliny
  • Mike - sold his construction business

Potential Collaborators