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Revenue Model Scenarios

See SEH 2 Revenue Model Scenarios.


  • $200-300/online course credit - [1]

Cost Structure - House and Organization Effort

This is the higher view cost structure for the house - the layer above the bill of materials detail. This determines build choices for customers and enterprise cost structure for OSE.

Cost structure for the house includes the organizational effort for delivering this house: support staff, legal.

Support Effort

The support effort involves 4 product managers to deliver the full package, starting with prototypes. Prototypes can be secured quickly - 2 weeks time frame - which could be self-funding, which leaves the support funding for prototypes according to the Seed Home 2 Planning:

  • Machines - tractor, auger, big printer, filament maker/shredder, high T printer. These are all in all a game changer.
  • Assumption - irresistable offer is slightly larger, though manageable, and we should think in terms of irresistable offers only - if it does not qualify, don't do it.
  • Prototypes - 4 houses, likely at $10k extra cost ($60k - which still includes $10k Service Fee).
    • FeF
    • Rural, off-grid. Because no utility connection is made, there is zero inspection schedule.
    • Rural, on-grid, codes easy. Outside or inside city limits. Minimal permit requirements - foundation only, structural, etc.
    • Suburban, manageable codes. This gets into suburbia, typically in cities. But this is more relaxed than in urban areas.
    • Urban, new land - codes are definitely enforced and strict inspection schedule may exist, within city limits. Utilities may need to be run to the land.
    • Urban, infill - the toughest with restrictive zining and strict inspection schedule. Utilities are present.

Seed Home 2


Foundation Quotes

Comparisons to Existing Homes

DeKalb County, Rural Missouri USA, land not included 2022

  • $378k construction Loan, 1600sf + 1000sf garage.
  • Land not included.
  • Utilities included
  • Appraised at total of $315k. 167/sf for house, $51/sf for garage