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We consider our customers on many levels:

  1. Owner builders
  2. Entrepreneurs
  3. OSE Chapter Fellows-in-Training - these are our ethics-centric entrepreneurs.
  4. Book recipients
  5. Video production company - we're selling them an opportunity

Customer Support - Owner Builders

Entrepreneurs provide customer support:

  1. Customization of house to exact needs: size, shape, options, colors, materials, appliances, etc.
  2. Provision of Code Package to get a permit: construction documents. Potential local requirements: maps; photographs; architectural/engineering designs; construction plans; energy calculations, other calculations.
  3. Coaching on navigating building codes and building officials
  4. Coaching on finding land.
  5. Customer support: Help desk. Process of putting house together.
  6. Quality control: remote quality control via a remote quality control app: upload pictures observe correctness.
  7. Up to 40 hours of help desk support.

Potential Entrepreneurs

See Initial Entrepreneur Track Invitation