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The initial idea was that the Enterpise Track would consist of individuals who deliver the Seed Home 2 to the 2000 customers. The Entrepreneurs learn all the OSE principles of collaborative design/build - and then guide customers in their house build.

We are assuming that the house building package will be an irresistable offer - by virtue of ease of build (speed), cost, and quality, breaking the Iron Triangle.

After examining the house delivery, we have observed that we can deliver houses more easily than we thought. The process revolves around - 1. adaptation of package to customer; 2. land acquisition and permits; and the 3. actual build.

The Build Package of Building Package Submission to local officials, as well as drop ship of materials, can be largely automated. FreeCAD automation of the Generic Bills of Materials can be created as part of the Hackathon. The creation of a purchase order involves making an order from a local big box store - with links to specific parts from the Generic Bill of Materials. OSE's value proposition is further to reduce materials cost of the drop ship via bulk pricing. It can be foreseeable that OSE Campuses also serve as warehouse space for materials, supplying local microfactories.


A lot of the fulfillment of the Seed Home 2 can be automated, and a good support network can be created as in the graphic, so Owner-Builders can succeed.

However, the only problem is that most people will not want to build their own house. Apparently, 7% of all homes were owner-built, and the vast majority is houses built for sale. The 7% are more specifically Armchair Builders - as found on a website of the same name [1] - simply people who serve as their own contractors. 17% were built by contractors - meaning 'owner hires contractor'.

Custom Homes and Spec Homes

The vast majority (74%) are spec homes - speculation homes. Investment homes are homes bought for investment purposes - for rental or resale or both. There is another category than speculation homes: custom homes. [2]. These are 25% of market share. In this model, the 'custom home' appears to be the owner built and contractor built for people who already have land - the 7 and 14 % from the last section. Custom homes tend to be on the high side - not $100-200 as spec homes, but more in the $200-$500/sf. [3].

25% is a significant share - and this is the market that the OSE model is aiming to address.

OSE/OBI is offering a breakthrough here. With people securing a $5k parcel of land that can be had just about anywhere USA, and teh $50k home package - it is clear that a large opportunity exists for custom homes at the production cost of $50/sf range.

Revenue Models

There is a whole range of tiers that we are developing:

  1. Tier 0 - Download plans, build with your labor, and get a house atarting at $45k - about $40k in materials, $5k land. Permits and sewer may add up more.
  2. Tier 1A and B - Take our support package and drop ship - you get a house starting at $40k materials, $10k service fee, $5k land, + utilities hookup in cities. In rural areas, cost for septic fertigation system is minimal. Take our course, collaborate. $50k package with support and community, so you don't have to do it alone. Tier 1B - Get a Precut Kit Drop Shop Ship. Everything already cut to size. Take our course.
  3. Tier 2 - Hire someone to build for you. We can drop ship materials at $40k and up. You pay someone $10k to build from our detailed plans. You don't even need to take our course - just work from our detailed build instructions. You still need a Building Permit Package (Adaptation of Designs to your site) - which you can get from us at low cost of about $1-2k. We can also send qualified builders to you. Total cost around $100k including land and everything.
  4. Tier 3 - Hire us to build for you. Turnkey We send one of our people to general contract. This means we have to train builders through the Seed Eco-Home Tech School. If refined highly, this becomes a finetuned, optimized process.
  5. Tier 4 - Hire us to build for you on land that you already own. Turnkey, $125k. Clear generation of $50k value in one month.

Revenue Streams

  1. Build Training - Owner Builders
  2. Build Training - for young people that build for the Owner Builders
  3. Hackathon - you learn immersion skills. There is one track for Deep Collaborative Dev, and Basic Collaboration for Owner-Builders. Distinction is hard core open source product developers (valuable collaborative design skills) vs just getting a house - where many people will want just the house.
  4. Webinars - certificate and exercises, where you contribute meaningful design as we reverse the pay-for-design model. Otherwise, webinar is free. When you get the full value of creating meaningful products with your new skills - you pay. Collaborative Literacy. 3D Printer and Universal Axis Machine Design.
  5. Drop ship from optimized supply chain
  6. Drop ship - PV system
  7. Open Source Architecture Training
  8. Trade School training - Seed Eco-Home Construction
  9. Build training - for builders
  10. Enterprise training
  11. OSE Fellow Training - remote, 1 year half time or full time. $7500 for half time, $10k for full time.
  12. Coffee Table Book
  13. Providing Builders to Armchair Builders and Owner Builders. With an optimized build plan, the cost is predictable, and we charge a small fee for this service. We train the builders. Training the builders is another revenue stream.
  14. Online Course - Seed Eco-Home Tech School. Then we hire you.
  15. Online Course - Seed Eco-Home Enterprise School. Crash course on general contracting and enterprise. Then you can buy additional services, like materials drop ship, and we can hire you to general contract.