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Operations Manual - Key Asset to be Generated

For an Operations Manual, see Operations Manual Template

To Steve

How about this regenerative housing solution at scale - proposal 1. 

  1. Partner with Chambers of Commerce in every city with around 100k population to identify and fund an OSE Fellow (student, entrepreneur) in their city
  2. OSE trains them to start an OSE Chapter
  3. They build a house. They start an enterprise building houses. Call this the Market Houses enterprise. 
  4. We partner with the City to scale the program.
  5. The entrepreneur, collaborating with OSE, sets up an owner-builder training operation for low-cost housing to bring the homes to larger numbers of people.
  6. But the problem that we may actually need to solve for to address housing affordability is that poor people don't have money 
  7. We solve for financing innovation: Owner-builder is upskilled and absorbed into the Market Houses enterprise. This is like Habitat for Humanity on steroids. Essentially - we upskill and provide jobs, so the low-income person stops working at a dead end job. They build their house, then join our housing enterprise and derivative enterprises. We want to do this because regular financing does not address dead end jobs - so we may need to solve for 2 problems in one. Solving for 2 problems at one time lends itself to collaborative approaches. We have housing, microfactories as enterprises that we can offer. This is a much larger problem to solve for.

Enterprise Scaling for Solving Pressing World Issues

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House Delivery to Customers



Enterprise Package Delivery to Entrepreneurs

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