Seed Home 2 Tasks

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Full Part Library

Part of the work involves breaking down the part library so that every single part of the house is cadded up properly - so we have a 100% cad model that we can then shift from the model to reality as we teach people how to build it. A full CAD model is the ultimate documentation - it rarely happens, but is very important. It rarely happens because no computer, no matter how good, can handle a full model. But we can - by doing a process of file simplification - Models don't have to be perfect - just reasonably dimensionally and appearance-wise correct so they constitute 'real design', not a somewhat accurate but in reality, conflicting, 'fake model.'

For the Seed Home 2, we have 50 or so CAD items already in gallery format.

As one point of action - we can collaborate on breaking down all the CAD components of the house. Such as split unit AC. PV panels. Wiring. Etc. We will draw out every single item - as this model is tigtht and intended to be the simplest, cheapest, highest performance design in the world. If you can contribute to the CAD library, that's what we need. We're pouring the foundation now and plan on finishing the build in January 2020, after which time I will have more time to engage in the organizational dev - including a public call to participation.