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  • A CNC (Most Likely Universal Axis) Agricultural Robot
  • Used for starting plants more than final production, unlike a Farmbot, oer similar device

User:Marcin's Proposed Format

  • Autonomous planting robot for 100-plant deepots using the Unversal Axis motion system
  • Plants and waters
  • Whole pots are then planted in towers
  • 20 seed trays, scalable to more as needed
  • Online video camera love njed for remote engagement

User:Eric 's Proposed Format

Growth "Trays"

  • Start at 10*10
  • Can be Scaled Up
  • Can Be Stacked or Used Standalone
  • Have a 10*1*11 Aspect Ratio (X*Y*
  • The 10*11 Rectangle (as opposed to a 10*10 square) is designed to allow the addition of a conveyor module
  • Can be scaled from petri dishes (for cutting propogation) to large pots

Light Module

  • Stacks the Growth Trays
  • Also Provides Light For Them via Grow Liqhts (Most Likely LED Strips to Save Space + Energy)
  • Sides allow for attachment of robotic arm modules
  • Scalable via height

Robotic Arm Module

  • 2 Per Stack
  • Used only for stacks
  • Not required for small stacks; you can just lift the lid off for those
  • 1 places petri dishes/pots on the conveyor module, the other takes them off and:
    • Packages them for storage
    • Places them on a transport conveyor


    • Places them in a Grow Tower etc
  • Scalable from desktop to industrial
  • May also use a liftable platform for addittional stack height without needing more robotic arms

Controller Module

  • Controls Power
  • Controls Water + Fertilliser etc
  • Controls Data Collection (Sensors + Webcams) (Not required entirely; scalable to needs+wants)
  • Controls Growth + Harvest Timing