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  • It is not clear whether tubing can be left coiled - [1]. Install manuals say so - one of the diy systems with precharged line sets there instructions specifically state to coil the excess at the system. - but author speculates that since lubricating oil is also carried with refrigerant, there could be an issue.
    • This link says coiling is ok (see comments) [2]
    • Manufacturers state it is ok. Installers say 'install it properly by cutting to size'. Who do you trust? [3]
    • 5-10' coiled - works 3 years running [4]. Other guys in same thread say that coiling will fail after some time. If coiled, lay them out horizontally.
    • Inspectors say any oil trap is not good. If coil, do so horizontally - [5]
    • Summary - shorten line set and adjust charge. Coiling may work according to manufacturer. Interpretation - if manufacturers say it's ok, it should be ok because if they misled the public, they would go out of business. Assuming manufacturers have integrity, we are ok. [6]
  • First principle calculations say - Say there is 8 feet of coil left.
  • Tech assist - 'Nel

we are not able to confirm this to you, i would highly suggest you reach out to Senville directly at (800) 242-4935. They will be able to provide technical assistance'

Key Videos

  • Point - disconnect vacuum After filling up low pressure side with 1 PSI of refrigerant- [7]
    • 1 lb? Not 1 atm? Under 1 lb, 14 psi of atmosphere would mean that air actaully leaks into the tubing.
    • Note that instructions say to 'let in refrigerant for 5 seconds with quarter turn of valve' - steps 9-10 on page 30 of manual [8]. This is not correct - we should look at the actual valve, no? Video says 1 lb - also not correct. The right way should be to look at the valve, not by time - but by when valve reads a little above atmospheric pressure of 14 psi.


R-410A - Refrigerant

Build Pictures


Heat pump for heating and cooling that works down to -20F. 7kW of heat.,000%20BTU%20Mini%20Split

Mounting Bracket


It says that once you connect the lines, you can't disconnect them (they depressurize). You said you connected the lines to the wrong port and then disconnected them to correct. The lady on the video says you need to get a professional to recharge the lines. In our case it may be simpler to get new lines:

Or call the manufacturer to check if that's what happened :)